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Balinese Cockfight Meaning

The essay which is considered geertz s most seminal work addresses the symbolism and social dynamics of cockfighting sabungan in balinese culture. Arrived malarial and diffident in a bali.

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As one can see the work of an anthropologist is not an easy profession.

Balinese cockfight meaning. Cockfighting is part of the balinese way of life. Using direct observation of cockfighting and its functions within balinese society geertz makes assertions of its symbolic. The first documented use of the word gamecock denoting use of the cock as to a game a sport pastime or entertainment was recorded in 1634 after the term.

Clifford james geertz studied the balinese cockfight and his essay deep play notes on the balinese cockfight on the meaning of the cockfight for the male participants he states. That is that they identify with their cocks so much that the bets the big bet between the principals is a laying of one s public self one s. Antique balinese cockfighting spur container.

As an anthropologist geertz knows that every culture loves its form of violence and the cockfight is the balinese form of self expression 297. The balinese loophole gave the balinese a lifeline. The wantilan a balinese cockfighting pavilion and important temple ritual.

A cockfight is a blood sport between two cocks or gamecocks held in a ring called a cockpit the history of raising fowl for fighting goes back 6 000 years. The purpose of this is to spill blood on the ground to ward off evil spirits. The balinese cockfight is bloodier than any other similar practice because the fighting cock s feet are attached with sharp blades to quicken the spilling of blood.

The amounts of money and status involved in the very brief cockfights make balinese cockfighting deep play the problem of explaining why the activity prevails is what geertz sets out to solve in the essay. The cockfight for the balinese people therefore according to geertz is a story they tell themselves about themselves this essay is an excellent example of an anthropological method described by the british philosopher gilbert ryle as thick description which elucidates elaborately on the reasons behind human actions. According to local beliefs the cockfight is a part of a ritual called tabuh rah.

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