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Balinese Gamelan Instruments

The name of the whole instruments in this traditional balinese orchestra are generally called as gamelan. A gamelan orchestra in bali consists mainly of two types of instrument.

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The two dominant types of gamelan ensembles are javanese and balinese.

Balinese gamelan instruments. Many types of gamelans of different sizes and for a variety of purposes may be distinguished. We stock balinese gamelan instruments such as flutes rebab gender gender wayang kendang drums genggong jew s harps gongs kempur as well as gamelan beaters. Gender melody and figuration genders have bronze keys that are hung over bamboo resonators and are struck with a wooden mallet.

Since a pretty young age balinese kids are encouraged to join a gamelan band in the village called sekaa gong or beleganjur. The instruments and accessories are all handmade right here in bali by the finest craftspeople in local villagers. This concept is referred to as ombak translating to wave communicating the idea of cyclical undulation.

They include xylophone like metallophones of different sizes and pitch tuned gong chimes very large pitched gongs and an assortment of drums and percussion. The majority of gamelan instruments are percussive and most of these are bronze. These instruments have various functions depending on the type of gamelan in which they re used.

The most common and best known balinese gamelan orchestras are the gong kebyar and semar pegulingan orchestras. Pelog is a seven tone scale. The majority of gamelan instruments are percussive and they include xylophone like metallophones of different sizes and pitches tuned gong chimes very large pitched gongs and an assortment of drums and percussion.

Each type of instrument has its specific function in the melody and its own playing technique. These are tuned to the pelog scale. Javanese gamelans frequently include singers while most balinese gamelans consist exclusively of percussion instruments.

The third element in balinese gamelan is the kettle gongs including the trompong and the reyong. Gamelan is an ensemble of instruments originating from indonesia. Most of the villages in bali have specific groups who trained their skills regularly such as for dancing and.

Dominating these two groups of instruments is the drum kendang which unites them and acts as leader. Balinese gamelan instruments are built in pairs that are tuned slightly apart to produce interference beats ideally at a consistent speed for all pairs of notes in all registers. Sometimes they are used for melodic decoration or solo passages other times they can be used for very quick and elaborate parts similar to the gangsa.

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