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Indian Lion Vs Bengal Tiger

I ve also added a pole for you guys of who do you think would win the battle. Tiger is good at swimming and climbing which makes it easier for the tiger to attack and kill the lion.

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Mythology states that in india towards the end of the 19th century the gaekwad of baroda that is sayajirao iii arranged a fight between a barbary lion called atlas from the atlas mountains between algeria and morocco and a man eating bengal tiger from the indian region of shimla.

Indian lion vs bengal tiger. One small asiatic lion beat up and chase away 7 white bengal tigers. Tiger owns powerful forelimbs than the african lion. Atlas the barbary lion versus the bengal tiger of simla.

Indian ruler witness s lion beat tiger on four separate occasions. Content of this video0 00 tiger vs lion2 45 tiger attack leopard3 29 tiger vs tiger3 57 tiger attack elephantmy other videos1. Habitats of gujarat lions and bengal tigers are different as well as the size and behavior.

Jam sahib of nawanagar india has witnessed the asiatic lion beat the bengal tiger on four occasions. He dispels the notion that the tiger drove the lion out of india citing actual locations the lion inhabited that the tiger did not. Tiger has larger teeth than the lion.

Tiger has a more powerful stronger and muscular body than the lion. Tiger and lions are two largest species of wild big cats found in india asiatic lions are only found in gir forest of gujarat and bengal tigers are found across the indian subcontinent. Gujarat lion panthera leo persica.

Lion attack giraffe ht. This is going to be a legendary battle ladies and gentlemen.

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