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Royal Bengal Tiger Habitat

Around 300 500 tigers are estimated in bangladesh 220 274 tigers in nepal and 103 tigers in bhutan. Other tigers live among tall grasses such as bamboo forests and in open deciduous forests.

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Bengal tigers live in small islands of livable habitat surrounded by large patches of areas where no tigers can survive.

Royal bengal tiger habitat. Some bengal tigers live in humid tropical forests with thick jungles. What s more the bengal tiger weighs an average of 485 pounds although this varies somewhat according to gender. All five remaining tiger subspecies are at risk and many protection programs are in place.

Also known as the royal bengal tiger they measure an average of 8 feet 10 inches in length and approximately 3 feet in height at their shoulders. Bengal tigers are the national animals of both india and bangladesh. Bengal tigers live in many kinds of forests.

It is the national animal of india and is found mostly in india china bhutan bangladesh and burma. There are various patches across india where tigers live but large expanses of inhospitable areas separate them. Tropical and subtropical moist deciduous forests.

Most of these populations live within wildlife refuges or sanctuary areas. Tigers are hunted as trophies and also for body parts that are used in traditional chinese medicine. Royal bengal tigers also know as indian tiger and bengal tiger and constitutes a large population of the tiger family in the world.

Bengal tigers are adaptive animals due to which they live in a wide range of habitat that exists in their geographical range. The tiger is estimated to be present in the indian subcontinent since the late pleistocene for about 12 000 to 16 500 years. The bengal tiger habitat includes.

Tropical forests tropical moist evergreen forests. The habitat must also provide the large amounts of food and water the tigers need to survive. The bengal tiger ranks among the biggest wild cats alive today.

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