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Doll Face Persian Cat Shedding

They match closer to what this breed of cat would have looked like thousands of years ago before they were bred to have more squished faces. Let OUR pride and passion for Persians be your peace of mind.

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Miniature - Teacup Doll Face Persians.

Doll face persian cat shedding. To keep your Persian cat healthy and happy ensure all vaccinations including rabies and check ups are up to date. Persian cats are medium-sized usually weigh between seven and 12 pounds and measure from 10-15 inches tall. The Doll Face Persian Cat is a traditional Persian type.

Clearly Doll Face kittens are healthier and better looking we think version of the Persian Himalayan and Exotic Shorthair cat breeds. We do show our cats and will continue to do more in the future. They have normal noses in length and placement and often do not have many of the more severe health conditions extreme Persian Cat types have.

I have searched Internationally. During his heavier shedding seasons comb him even more often to keep up with the hair loss and prevent mats. We breed for a more doll face look not an extreme face that you often see at cat shows.

Polycystic kidney disease A slowly progressive disease which causes multiple fluid-filled cysts in the kidneys. Customer Reviews - Testimonials. Ringworm Persians may be more predisposed to infection.

Their long hair causes them to shed quite often but this can be controlled by adhering to the following steps. I think one of those most comforting parts of this website is being able to watch and follow the kittens as they grow. TinyPersians are the finest Silver Persian kittens and cats available worldwide.

That the term doll-faced is used to describe a persian cat with a face that actually protrudes from the skull. They have a rounded head small rounded ears and big eyes. The Persian cat is famous for its long silky coat which shimmers.

A glamorous cat breed Persian cats have a distinct face and a body covered in thick fur. Rather than having the extreme pushed in facial structure that selective breeding among fanciers has created Doll Face kittens have a much more normal-appearing face the natural and traditional facial structure for these gorgeous felines. This cat has been called furniture with fur because of thie fact that it can remain on the couch for extended.

They also typically have a flat and pushed-in-looking face with chubby cheeks. This dramatically reduces the amount of hair you need to vacuum and keeps your cat looking nice. Shedding causes these cats to have a rather lesser coat in the summer months.

Brushing your cats hair daily- This removes the loose excess hair on top. The flat faced persians extreme-faced are considered the standard for persian cats and show quality cats. When the cat sheds more hair during shedding months you have to give your pet more brushing.

Do your homework when selecting a Persian cat they have a higher incidence of the following conditions. Professional groomers- A common hair trend for Persian cats is known as the lion-cut. In the early years there were two classifications of varieties of cat breeds.

They come from very impressive lines with their parents being Grand Champions Regional Winners National Winners and even attaining the title of 3 Silver Persian in the world. Its a good idea to keep a Persian as an indoor-only cat. These cats are characterized by a normal length nose and a sweet adorable face.

Brushing your Persians coat daily removes much of his shed hair keeping it from floating around your home. Alot of cat associations register these cats because they are purebred persians however they are not considerd show cats. For more specific details on breed standard and what makes a show quality Persian please visit the Cat Fanciers Association website.

Epiphora Tears which run onto the face. The traditional Persian cat also known as the doll-face Persian cat is considered to be the original breed. Super cute doll face persian kittens will be ar Read more 30 Cfa.

The traditional doll faced Persian is very popular among families looking for a wonderful Persian companion. Unlike the show-type Persian the doll face Persian has a normal-length nose which is proportionate to its overall face and skull structure. Do not expose your Persian to toxic plants.

It is in the winter months that the Traditional Persian Doll Face is in its prime coat. Persians have such long hair and become tangled easily. Not only that but the breed also possesses the distinctive.

Shes not a scrapper and would fare poorly against other cats dogs coyotes and the other dangers that face cats who go outdoors. However traditional or doll-face Persian cats have pointier features like their ancestors. Nor is the Persians coat made for shedding dirt leaves and stickers.

Of persian cat breeds different types of persian cat faces dilute calico persian cat do persian cat shed does persian cat shed a lot doll face baby persian cat names doll face black and white persian cat doll face black blue eyes persian cat doll face black grey. Customers say it all. And while solid silver is the most popular color for the Persian currently there are more than 80 colors available today including black blue cream and smoke.

Therefore daily brushing is important. Doll face CFA Silver Persian kittens for sale. Letting a Persian outdoors just means that much more time spent grooming the cat.

Doll Face Facial Structure. Doll Face Persian Kittens Specializing in furry family members for 32 years. Doll Face - When considering purchasing a Persian kitten it is best to first consider what type of facial structure you desire the most.

The doll face Persian cat is considered to be the original Persian cat according to the Traditional Cat Breed Association or TCA for short.

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