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Persian Cat Color

33 Persian Cat Coloring Pages for printing and coloring. Disqualify for incorrect eye color incorrect eye color being copper yellow gold amber or any color other than green or blue-green.

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One of the rarest colors of all the Persian coats the Lilac Point has an icy white body and points of pale but warm gray.

Persian cat color. Well copper eyes are also found in brown Persian cats with some having super dark tones to carry. Their eyes are intensely blue and noses and paws a delicate lavender-pink. The Greek god cat.

And the eyes are deep blue or even copper colouredwell mostly. Tabby Persians have big copper eyes with the exception of the silver and blue-silver tabby who have green or hazel eyes. Get 10 free Shutterstock images - PICK10FREE.

Search through 623989 free printable colorings at GetColorings. Black. Red White Bicolor Persian Kittens.

Blue Chinchilla Golden Kittens. The Himalayan Persian from the May 1999 Cat Fanciers Almanac Particolor division. This color is still quite rare and a.

The three Tabby patterns apply to all color with the noted exceptions on the Patched pattern. Chocolate. Bi-Color and Calico Persians.

Bred to the solid-color Persian the Himalayan pattern of points which is recessive can be made to disappear. Other Coat Patterns Tuxedo Cats Coloration with white paws chest and belly with optional white on face. In motion the coat will break open giving glimpses of a.

The smoke Persian is one of the most striking patterns of the Persian colors. You can use our amazing online tool to color and edit the following Persian Cat Coloring Pages. This leaves the cat clothed all over in the color of the points and the result can be a rich warm chocolate-brown cat with copper eyes.

In addition to the white or silver Persians we all know these pretty kitties can have grey orange black tri-colored and even calico coats. The paws should be round with prominent tufts between the toes. Past Present and Future from the May 1998 Cat Fanciers Almanac Bicolor division.

The legs should be short and thick with an appearance of strength. Blue Chinchilla Golden Persian Kittens. There are six separate colors black blue cream cameo red smoke tortoiseshell and blue-cream smoke.

The regal appearance of these cats is well owed to their white hair pink nose and pink paw pads. One of the distinctions of this breed is the blue-green or green eye color only with kittens having blue or blue-purple eye color. Red Blue Blue-Silver Brown Cameo Silver and Cream Eyes are copper-colored with the exception of the Silver coats which may have Green or Hazel colored-eyes.

Particolor Persians from the May 1996 Cat Fanciers Almanac. Blue White Bicolor Persian Kittens. Calico and Bi-Color Persians from the 2011 CFA Yearbook Himalayan division.

About the Tabby Persian Cat Colors. To determine what color your Persian kitten will be use the Color Calculator by choosing the color of the Father mated to the color of the Mother in the Index below shown in alphabetical order. Persian Cat Color Calculator Index Bi-Color to Bi-Color Color Calculator Bi-Color to Bi-Color Van Color Calculator.

In repose the smoke appears to be a solid color cat. Persian cat colors include. At that time the cats had shiny silky gray fur but thanks to selective breeding Persians are now found in a kaleidoscope of colors including bi-color a color plus white.

Despite their appearances in cat food commercials Persians can come in a wide range of colors and varieties. 1 of 6 Persian Show Standard revised 2020 Persian 2021 The Cat Fanciers Association Inc. Cream.

The tail should be short yet well-proportioned creating balance with the cat. Blue. Bicolor Black and White Bicolor 12 white color on head and torso.

Persian cat eye color should complement coat color. Eyes are copper-colored with the exception of the Silver coats which may have Green or Hazel colored-eyes.

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