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Top 10 Cutest Animals In Animal Crossing

Mira is that kid in all of us we lost along the way at some point. While a number of New Horizon s best-loved characters are popular because they re clever or refined Bob is the absolute oppositeand that s exactly what makes him so great.

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Hopkins is not to be trusted.

Top 10 cutest animals in animal crossing. Her huge anime eyes cute purple fur and high-pitched voice culminate in one treasure of a villager and those able to invite her to live on their islands arent likely to ever allow her to move out. Hes always full of hot air. Still their upright twitching ears and short stature make them a favorite.

Sea otters regularly hold one anothers hands while they sleep. Pietro is arguably one of the nicest villagers in all of Animal Crossing and he always tries to make everyones day a little brighter by cracking a joke or lending an ear. Another villager with some great winged liner is a New Leaf original who has moved to New Horizons.

Goldie is one of the original villagers shown off way back in the first entry of the Animal Crossing series. Partner that up with her catchphrase woof and youve got a solid recipe for a dog alright. Hypno which is second only to KK.

10 Hopkins. 9 Rosie the Cat. Best Animal Crossing Villagers Ranked.

Pretending to be a superhero as a kid seems like a rite of passage thats fairly common especially in a world that sees a new superhero film releasing every 4-6 months. Sherb is easily one of the cutest villagers in the game and hes highly sought for his adorable house and decor and his horns that look like soft-serve ice cream. And shes a golden retriever.

Hes also got great taste in music he loves KK. A lovably chilled out pup her caramel coloring is a soothing sight any day of the week and you just know shell always be your best friend. Heres a list of the most cutest animals male and female in animal crossing.

April Update Coming Soon - Read More Here. Topping off this list of the cutest characters in the popular video game Animal Crossing is the adorable Molly. Rosie is definitely one of the most adorable villagers in the entirety of the Animal Crossing franchise.

The Villager Tier List ranks villager popularity in Animal Crossing. In the game Animal Crossing there are over 100 wacky animal characters villagers you can have in your town. New Horizons ACNH Switch.

Unfortunately hes dressed like a clown. If he wasnt properly moored to the ground I bet even a light breeze could blow him away. Incorporate these designs into your own islands or simply get those creative juices flowing.

Cruisin in excellence and loves naps. His baritone voice and bedroom eyes notwithstanding Chief is a cranky old coot who has a tendency to lose. Shes polite and kind.

Her house has rattan furniture and a homey feeling quite a contrast to some of the other homes you can visit cough Dianas cough. Since the first game in the Animal Crossing series was released in 2001 it has become a bit of a cultural phenomenon thats practically taken over the worldThere are a total of nine games spanning across six different consoles and mobile devices which means that hundreds of villagers have been added along the way. In this list well be examining the best island designs so far made by the incredibly creative and talented people of the Animal Crossing.

This duck made her debut in New Leaf and constantly refers to everyone as quackidee This Mallard has oval eyes a large orange beak and rosy cheeks. This includes the English and Japanese Tier List most popular villagers and more. Rosie stands as one of if not the most popular Animal Crossing villager.

Goldie has appeared in every Animal Crossing game so far and its easy to see why. High highs to low lowsthe rabbits really run or hop the gamut for some of the best and worst villagers. She has appeared in every game has a peppy.

God bless your little sheep heart. She is a cat and a lot of the cat villagers are adorable. Villager Tier List - Best Villagers Ranking.

This serves as a survival mechanism that keeps them together so they dont drift apart. Goldie has a sweet gentle personality and such beautiful brown dewy eyes. Sea otters are some of the cutest animals in the world and while that has a lot to do with their features their social behavior is what brings most people to zoos to see them.

She is a normal-type villager meaning that Goldie is about as basic as she gets. Keep scrolling for our definitive ranking of Animal Crossing s most popular villagers. The cutest Dog villager.

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