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How To Care For Persian Cat Eyes

In order to clean your Persian cats eyes apply the moistened soft paper just below the tear duct and the inner corner of the eye gently removing the secretions accumulated just below and around the eye. Use a wet cotton pad to gently sweep just under the eye from the inner eye to outwards removing any eye discharge.

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Change the paper for each eye to avoid carrying micro-organisms and dirt from one eye to another.

How to care for persian cat eyes. To keep your cat comfortable you need to keep this area clean. Through daily eye care however you can diminish this and keep your Persian cats eyes healthier and cleaner. The two powders listed above are perfectly safe if a little gets in the cats eyes.

Depending on the size of the nose flatness of the face and just the cat itself. Angel Eyes is a palatable chicken flavored powder that can be added to food or water. Cleaning Persian andor Himalayan cat eyes is simple once built into your daily routine.

Use the Eye Envy Face Powder around the eyes and stained areas. But its important to note that this wont actually stop your Persian cats eyes from watering. But again do not put any solution in the cats eyes.

This is due to the young age and development of the eye muscles. Daily eye cleanings will help manage the situation. Using cotton wool swabs dampened with clean luke-warm water simply wipe each eye with a separate swab twice a day or when necessary.

In this article we will be addressing keeping a Persian cats eyes clean. Using warm water with a clean cloth to wipe underneath the eyes regularly is. Lightly stroke and talk to them while softly lifting their head upwards.

Then dry with a soft dry and clean paper. Wipe your Persians eyes with a damp clean cloth no soap once or twice a day. The flatter the face the more draining and the more often the cats face needs to be cleaned.

Persian cats need daily eye care. We do not recommend applying any type of chemical substance to the eye area of these kitties. His eyes do not water.

And it will help prevent eye infections and fur staining. That way you dont run the risk of harming your kitty when you happen to try to clean their eyes. Really this process should be affordable quick and painless.

If your Persian has lots of skin folds you can then use the same pad to use the same method in the folds and nose. Also when the tears come in contact with the air they are oxidized and turn brown staining the under-eye with a tough gluey substance. Your vet could also prescribe a gentle eye-wash solution to use as needed.

It starts working even before tear stains can begin At first glance you may notice that the kitten pictured above appears to have googly crossed eyes. Persian cats that have the extreme face or peeked face have problems with eye drainage and stains. Cornelius is a doll faced Persian has a longer nose.

Hold the cats head firmly with one hand. Dont rub the eyeball directly of course. Keep your pretty Persian kittys eyes clean of excess tears by using eye wipes sold in pet supply stores to keep them free of tears and the infections they can lead to.

You can also use a slightly damp cotton ball one to two times daily to wipe the area around the eyes removing any dried crusty tears that have formed overnight. Unlike many other breeds of cats Persian cats require a little more care. The amount and frequency of care varies greatly from cat to cat.

Roll it in the powder twisting it around in a complete turn to get a light coating of powder. An Eyebrow Comb Brush works great if you need to comb the hair around the eyes. The more you do this procedure the higher chances your Persians eyes will tear less and be easier to care for.

Do not use soap or other cleansers to clean the eyes unless prescribed by your vet. It is recommended that Persians be brushed once a day and receive monthly baths to help them maintain their shine and. Place the loaded Qtip at the lower edge of the eye area you want to pack.

Your Persian cat will quickly get used to this simple grooming process. This will protect the face and hairs for future staining and will lesson how often you need to clean your cats face. Because of their long coats it should come as no surprise that Persian cats require a good deal of regular grooming.

Wash and dry your hands with some antibacterial soap. I hope this was helpful. These are a few main categories of Persian cat care.

The water or solution is to wet the cotton pad to wipe UNDER not on the eye. The large surface of a Persian cats eyes isnt protected very well and its common for the fur beneath the eyes to stain and even get crusty. How I go about cleaning my Persian Cats eyes and prevent staining of her face.

Persian Cat Care. Without it Persians coats can quickly become tangled and matted which can be painful. Wash your hands first Of course before you go touching your cats eyes you need to make sure that your hands are 100 clean.

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