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How To Groom A Matted Persian Cat

Gently pet your cat and make them feel reassured and then try again shortly after when theyre a bit more relaxed. However if you start bathing your cat while he is still a kitten you can make bath time manageable for both of you.

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Frequent regular grooming is much easier on your cat and more enjoyable for both of you.

How to groom a matted persian cat. If the task feels overwhelming seek out the assistance of a cat groomer who specializes in working with older cats. CATS DO REQUIRE REGULAR GROOMING. Next youll need to buy a shampoo that matches your kittys fur color.

Like most cats Persians dislike taking a bath. To lessen the amount of cat fur matting on old cats spend a few minutes every day on some form of assisted grooming. Regular bathing is another key component of grooming your Persian Cat.

Gently pull the mat up away from the skin so you can see where the skin is. There are a few steps that I use to remove matted and tangled fur from my Persian cat Milo. How to Groom an Old Cat.

Using this on a light-haired kitty will darken their fur which you dont want. Start by placing your cat. Regularity is the key to bathing as the more your cat gets used to it the less resistant he is likely to be to the whole process.

Persian cats have beautiful long hair that requires regular maintenance. Neglect is animal abuse. Prepare the Matted Area.

If you have a longhaired cat brush it at least once and possibly twice per day. You can sometimes gently comb out the mats if you hold the matted fur and use a Cat Slicker Brush and just try to work the mat out this can sometimes work on less matted fur. Normally a cat is able to untangle small clumps of fur on its body but when the cat is unable to manage its fur the problem can go from bad to worse.

Brush your shorthaired cat. Brush and comb your cats hair starting at the base of the hair near the skin and combing outwards. Sprinkle a little cornstarch or talcum powder in the area of the mat and gently work it around with your fingers.

If youre giving your cat a complete grooming. A Persian cats fur is matted when clumps of its fur appear to be stuck together. Next if you do notice a mat starting to form make sure you take care of it quickly.

For a dark cat youll need to use dark shampoo. Gently massage this into the affected matted area. I find that the slicker brush works best as it doesnt pull at the fur as much as a fine-toothed grooming.

Please find a trusted groomer or vet to prevent matting overgrown nails and skin conditions. If your cat causes resistance instead of trying to force it take your time. Gently Try to Comb the Mat out.

Brush and Comb Your Cat Regular brushing is the most important thing you can do to avoid matting especially with a Persian cat. Giving your Persian cat a regular bath is the core activity of the day to day grooming process. Matting cat fur is usually caused by lack of grooming and neglect.

You need to gently stroke and hold your cat then attempt to work the talcum powder into matted area. In general preventing mats starts with talking to your vet. If the cat resists take a break and speak in a soothing voice petting the cat.

They need to be brushed and combed daily bathed once or twice a month and have their nails clipped every ten days to two weeks. In this article we will further dive into. And vice versa clear shampoo will lighten and brighten the hair which is ideal for fair-haired babies.

Matting can affect both longhaired and shorthaired cats and its important that all cats get frequent grooming from their owners. They can generally do a little bit of clipping in the fur that will help reduce the risk of matting. Simply apply styptic powder with a cotton ball to the injured area.

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