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Cute Animal Names In Japanese

Kiko chronical child. Kiyomi pure beauty.

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Yuka gentle flower.

Cute animal names in japanese. Female Japanese Dog Names Male Japanese Dog Names. Top Japanese Dog Names. The names of 480 birds 2573 rabbits and 1900 ferrets were collected.

Akira bright clear. Perhaps a name suited for your beautiful yet upbeat canine. Aya Art or beauty.

Fuji A dog name inspired by the famous Japanese city and mountain. Cute Japanese Dog Names Kawaii cute or adorable is a term that applies to a series of characters Hello Kitty clothing like frilly feminine looks and even municipality mascots such as Pipo-kun which represents the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Katsumi victorious beauty.

Aiko beloved one little love Akira bright and clear dawn. Again only use this with your partner or close friends. You should try new names that are apt cute stylish and unique.

Cute Japanese Dog Names. Hana flower Haru sunlight Hiro. Watashi no inu wa totemo kawaii desu.

Chiyo one thousand generations. The perfect name suiting your generous cuddler and. Rio village cherry blossom.

Adzuki red bean Aki spring Akira intelligent Amaya night rain Asami morning beauty Chiyo. For instance the given name 恵子 Keiko could be shortened to 恵ちゃん Kei-chan. Masumi clarity Megumi blessing Miyu gentle Momo peach Nori seaweed Pochi a classic dog name like Spot Rina jasmine Ryuu dragon.

Mine Just One Peach. Female Japanese Dog Names. So here is an article that lists out super-adorable Japanese names for your cats.

Chika scatter flowers. 326 Unique and Awesome Japanese Dog Names Cuteness. Haruko Child of spring.

These cute names are popular in the country. It is disrespectful to use it with acquaintances. Chieko child of intelligence wisdom.

Must Read- 150 Badass Dog Names. If there is an appropriate English meaning for the names I will put it in brackets after the Japanese pet name. If youre looking for a Japanese name for your Akita or Shiba Inu or any breed of dog really here are 326 suggestions to inspire your pet-naming process.

Sakura cherry blossom. This survey was conducted on the 31st of March last year 2012 by looking at the pet names registered on pet insurance contracts. Female Japanese Cat Names Soft and feminine these female Japanese cat names are perfect for your sweet girl kitty.

These female names are popular in the country and make beautiful Japanese dog names. Your precious pooch fits right in. Find out below amazing collection of Japanese cute dog names.

God Is Awake God Answers Chisa Yokoyama born D. Chieko child of intelligence wisdom. 100 Cute Japanese Cat Names With Their Meanings.

Yuina bind together. Misaki beautiful blossom.

Calling your pet fur ball with the usual names is now out of season. Kumiko long-time beautiful child. Hiragana Standard Japanese.

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