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Do Persian Cats Play

But because of their natural body types these cats do not like to climb as high as other breeds of cats do. If youre a Persian cat owner or you love this amazing breed then this website is for you.

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Great with families and children they love to lounge around the house.

Do persian cats play. Many cat owners have asked the question Are Persian cats playful The answer is a definite yes but it will depend on the type of Persian cat you have and whether or not it is part of its personality. We are the number one resource for Persian cat owners worldwide providing you with all the information you need about the breed. When a Persian gets bored they might start running up and down your house or meowing a lot and this can be undesirable behaviour.

They will run jump and chase toys. Its natural for cats to play and treat human hands like prey. They enjoy cuddling and lounging.

Loud environments arent a Persians style. They are sedate cats who prefer a serene home where little changes from day to day. With large expressive eyes and a voice that has been described as soft pleasant and musical Persians let their simple needs be known.

But let your Persian know that grooming time is not playtime. But with the right encouragement Persian cats also love to play. They also adapt well to new surroundings and are OK with busy or even boisterous households.

They dont mind a full house or active kids. All cats need to play and have stimulation but the Persian is often a good breed to consider if you wish to choose a cat that will take to an indoor-only lifestyle or have outside access only when supervised or by means of a balcony or pen. The best way to discourage it is a quick tap on the nose or the mouth with a finger and a strong No so that they learn Cook Henry.

Theyre a good choice for interactive play with toys and are more likely to enjoy this type of fun compared to athletic jumping and climbing around the house. They more than likely will. Persian cats dont like boisterous households full of kids or other rambunctious pets.

Regular meals a little playtime with a catnip mouse or feather teaser and lots of love which they return tenfold. Persian cats are laid-back and docile. Whether youre looking for grooming tips to keep your Persians fur in pristine.

Watch how my Persian Chinchilla cat loves messing around with water during the hot weather. Welcome to Persian Cat Corner. Its important to interact with your cat and play with them for at.

Persian cats actually crave companionship. Cats do play with water - shocking results of Persian Cat - YouTube. So even though they are known for being calm Persian cats enjoy occasional playtime.

If you want to try your hand at clicker training you can even train a Persian to play fetch with you. Generally Persian cats get along with humans. Cats love playing with water.

Despite their reputation for being quiet cats they are also a very playful breed. Unless of course you have a garden then you can let them out under supervision. Persians will absolutely play and enjoy themselves as other cats do after all playing is your cats way of satisfying her need to hunt.

Reasons why Persian cats are playful and active. In short yes Persian cats are shy. Persians are sweet gentle cats who can be playful or quiet and laid-back.

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