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Persian Cat Boy Name

If you want to use a funny name for your Persian cat consider these names. If you want your Persian cats name to be food-inspired consider these names Applejack.

Top 35 Best Male Persian Cat Names Persian Cat Cat Names Cats

Adeleh Righteous cats.

Persian cat boy name. Weve created the ultimate list of Persian cat names. Looking for unusual cat name ideas. Youve come to the right place.

Here is a complete list of names for male Persian cats. Xerxes the Great has forever cemented his place in human history as the most famous Persian ruler. Luna In Spanish it means Moon.

Dawson A name associated with the son of David. We will attempt to assist you on your journey with our list of Persian cat names. Male Persian Cat Names Mr Jinx Max Shadow Amir Charlie Smokey Basil Leo Oscar Sylvester Sam Gizmo Sebastian Arthur Luxor Lynx Bijan Sphinx Simba Abbas Xerxes Garfield Hamid Cassidy Boots Aladdin Oliver Tigger Mozart Titan Rah Adonis Hunter Elvis Pharaoh Female Persian Cat Names Chloe Crystal Gucci Sassy Beauty Aime Akira Astral Tinkerbell Prosecco Perrier.

Exotic and mythical the name Xerxes has become quite popular for cats of all varieties including Persians and its easy to see why. You can browse search and save your Persian Kitten Names until you find that perfect one. Male Persian Cat Names.

One unique way to pick the right name is to analyze your cats coat color. Gorbeh is a Farsi name that literally means pussycat. If your cat is haughty and dignified choose Banu lady Baraz exalted or Mirza prince.

The Persian Iranian language is filled with so many beautiful names for male kitties. Also they are likely to go outside due to their strong instinct to breed. Meaning lion in Turkish this name is inspired by the noble lion from the CS.

Male Persian Cat Names. Your pet is one of a kind and having a Persian name is the perfect way to celebrate tradition while giving your cat a unique name that sets them apart from the rest. Adorable Male Persian Cat Names Many cute names can work as unisex selections but if you are looking for a decidedly masculine name check out this list.

Elvis Elvis is a nice name for a black and white cat. Finding a name befitting of this magnificent breed is a task worthy of patience and research. According the most recent survey Persian cats are the second most popular cat breed in the USA 1.

Abner Name suitable for elderly cats. He may have been the bad guy in The Jungle Book but this moniker is perfect for your new black cat. Dexter A wise name for a male cat that is often associated with intelligence.

Funny Persian Cat Names. If your cat is a great mouser consider naming him or her Moosh mouse in Persian. Check out 50 that we adore.

If you own a male persian cat here are our name ideas that will help you name your adorable kitten. We offer many Persian Kitten Names along with over 20000 other Kitten Names. Best Persian Cat Names - CatTime.

A reputable and honorable person. She was a beautiful cat and the name fit her perfectly very elegant. Persian Cat Named Persia 05042017 For the cat name Persia I had a persian calico female I chose the name Persia pronounced Per-Scha.

Lewis classic The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and wildly popular movie series The Chronicles of Narnia. With such fondness and affection for the breed it is no surprise there are famous Persian cats such as the mix Colonel-Meow. Arastoo Aristotle the philosopher.

On the other hand a cheerful and happy cat will suit the name Dilshad. Male Persian Cat Names Abbas For your Persian friend who is as brave as a lion Abtin For your obedient Persian cat Aistan Suits a puss whose power is unmatched. Over time the popularity of the name is trending downward which means itll be a unique one for your cat.

There are plenty of imaginative ways to try choosing grey Persian cat names.

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