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Persian Cat For Breeding

Unlike commercial-for-profit breeders I allow my kitten clients open access to my home to see how their kitten is being raised and to meet the parents. They are also prone to allergies which is a common issue for all brachycephalic cat breeds.

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As the Persian is a brachycephalic breed having a relatively broad short skull care should be taken that the type is not too extreme for the health and comfort of the cat.

Persian cat for breeding. Kingsley Kittens Business Details. The Bombay Angora and Exotic-types. Search catteries recorded with CFA as currently breeding CFA-recognized breeds of pedigreed cats.

But some Queens may breed when they reach the age of 12 to 18 months. A medium-sized Persian cat breed weighs somewhere between 7 to 12 pounds. Turkish Van 0 Listings.

Through selective breeding cat fanciers began to mold the Persian to its present-day appearance. Especially after raising Siamese for years. Therefore you should go to a vet before taking any kind of step.

Make sure the breeder of your cats has the proper documentation to prove the Persians are pure-bred. The term Persian cat refers to several breeds related to the various modern Persian breeds in Europe. Browse Persian kittens for sale cats for adoption.

They are more than happy to spend the day cuddled up in your lap. These cats have good habits personally trained by the breeder. The Persian cat is a medium -sized muscular cat with short cobby legs.

Their square shaped body has a short thick tail. Their celebrated snub noses and chubby cheeks have been selectively bred and exaggerated in the years since the breed gained such widespread human appreciation though you can still find evidence of Persians ancient features in traditional non-show focused members of the breed. If you are getting both a male and female and have chosen not to get a stud make sure the male and female are not related as this can cause genetic problems.

Signup Post Your Cattery Today. They are more than happy to spend the day cuddled up in your lap. Siamese practically have to be locked in jail cells to keep them from breeding.

They have six kittens on average and raise them all up no problems. Female Persian cat breeding age. Other known Persian health issues include frequent eye injuries dental disease and malocclusion kidney disease and cancer.

They do enjoy to play games but tend to be a more quiet and docile cat breed. People that show their animals are adhering to the Persian Breed Standard a set of criteria the breed must meet in order to be considered Breeding or Show Potential animals and are dedicated to improving and preserving the Persian breed. The Persian is a heavily boned well-balanced cat with a sweet expression and soft round lines.

If we talk about female Persian cats then their breeding age varies accordingly. Persians are a pain to breed. My cats are treated with LOVE never caged.

Nearly 80 of Pedigreed Cat Lovers Turn To CFA To Find a Breeder. Our kittens are bred and raised in a loving home environment with very personal attention throughout and we are devoted to placing them in forever homes where we will have confidence they will be loved cared for and can thrive. Cat shows competition are the only true way to determine if a breeder is producing progeny that meet the Persian Breed Standard.

The breeders here specialize in breeding Persian Cats or Himalayan Cats. Clearly Doll Face kittens are healthier and better looking we think version of the Persian Himalayan and Exotic Shorthair cat breeds. Kingsley Kittens offer award-winning cat breeds.

The darn things are back in heat six weeks later. I focus on breeding quality healthy well-socialized Persian kittens. Khloes Kittens is dedicated and focused on the health and well being of our cats and kittens and the promotion of the Persian Himalayan Exotic shorthair and Exotic Longhair breeds.

Their fur was longer than that of the Angora cat and they had shorter legs. According to the breeders website the cats are raised cage-free which means theyre trained at home. Persian cats are not a particularly active cat breed.

The kitties may gain weight and become bigger in size if not fed properly. Persians first come into heat no younger than one year old. Save search for breed.

Calico tortoiseshell and blue-cream. This breed is passive rarely exceeds to be grow over 8 lbs. Breeder Listing Annual Plan 4495.

This cat has large round eyes set wide apart in a large round head. Choose your Persian cats to breed. Persians are the most registered cat breed by the Cat Fanciers Association and a frequent Best in Show winner.

This breed is used in a number of major motions pictures magazine ads such as Vogue the Fancy Feast Cat Food Commercials. Persian cats are medium in size and typically weigh between 7 - 12 pounds. Rather than having the extreme pushed in facial structure that selective breeding among fanciers has created Doll Face kittens have a much more normal-appearing face the natural and traditional facial structure for these gorgeous felines.

Ragdoll 7 Listings. Sometimes these pets can lose appetite or eat more than required while showing symptoms of a disease. Beautiful Silver Chinchilla Persian kittens the Rolls Royce of all Persians.

Persian cat breeding cost. With the Persians flattened face come some known health issues including shortness of breath with exertion. I specialize in some of the most popular and requested colors of the Persian Breed.

All Persians used for breeding should be DNA tested to ensure they are free of Polycystic Kidney Disease PKD and Progressive Retinal Atrophy PRApd. The long thick coat softens the lines of the cat and accentuates the roundness in appearance. Some Persian cats are ready to mate when they are 3 to 4 months old.

They do enjoy to play games but tend to be a more quiet and docile cat breed. They bred cats to have a round head short face snub nose chubby cheeks small rounded ears big eyes and a sturdy body.

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