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Persian Cat Grooming Products

Youll need this for brushing around your cats eyes. Treating greasy fur regularly is a critical part of catering to your Persian cat.

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Hartz grooming comb.

Persian cat grooming products. Actually they are the ONLY Persian Grooming DVDs on the market. Learn more As any Persian cat owner knows these cats have a thick coat with long luxurious fur. The comb I use is pictured below the comb is used for tangles.

Use a childs toothbrush with soft bristles. You can also trim their hair as necessary. My Persian cat grooming comb was actually purchased several years ago for the familys Samoyed dog to use on his heavy fur but it works great on my coat as well.

Remember to use a wide-toothed metal comb when smoothing out their coat and avoid nylon combs as they cause static electricity that can shock your cat. A Persian cat should have round ears it even says so in the Cat Fanciers Association Persian Breed Standard. What to use in your cat show grooming box Supplies and tools needed for Persian cat grooming Grooming Products you will take to the Cat Show.

Grooming your Persian cat at home generally means daily brushing and a bath once every one to three months. Steel Pet Comb often called Greyhound comb or flea comb This is still my number one grooming tool. Once you establish a grooming routine you will have no trouble maintaining your Persian cats beautiful appearance.

How to Brush a Persian Cat. Matted fur will only tighten and become more snarled with a washing so always brush out a matted coat before bathing. Grooming your Persian cat is a great bonding moment.

Did you know diet can take up to 6 months to be fully seen in a coat or skin condition. Has widely spaced stainless-steel pins that aid in detangling fur and help groom the undercoat. The more exposure your cat has to grooming the more familiar and comfortable they will become with the process which will make grooming your cat easier on.

The condition of the coat also shares the health of the cat. Gently run the comb over your cats coat until the hair comes out looking shiny and healthy. After their bath dry your Persian cat.

Here are a few good options of shampoo for your Persian cat if you wish to buy a shampoo for your cat. Our blog is reader-supported if you purchase any products through the links below we may receive a small commission. To create the illusion of a round ear you can trim the cats ears.

If using Dawn there are a couple of ways to use it and it depends on what you feel most comfortable with. This is a cordless clipper kit that allows you a lot of freedom to move around your Persian when grooming. Sometimes Persians get a buildup of eye secretions that can affect their field of vision.

3 years ago I posted my favorite brushes for Persian cats. Furminator Deshedding Tool for Cats. This is an updated look at the grooming tools I use the most with my two Perisan cats.

Do this by combing from the back of your cats head and work your way to the tail. The most important tools will be your combs. This professional grooming solution can be another great choice for your Persian cat if reducing pet hair fall from the undercoat is.

Here are three required most needed combs. Solid Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush. Different Types of Brushes for Persian Cats.

Caring for Your Pet Brush. For this you might want to visit a professional groomer as no one enjoys a bad haircut. So before you bathe your Persian cat make sure you get all the tangles out first.

Mistakes Pet Owners Make When Brushing Their Cats. How do you dry a Persian cat after a bath. A toothbrush with soft bristles will allow you to sweep away the buildup without harming your cats eyelids.

Diet is of utmost importance along with the family tree of the kitty. However not every Persian has round-looking ears without a little grooming. Some essential grooming needs to pack in your grooming box to carry to the show.

Wahl is a well-known and trusted name in cat grooming and this clipper will show you why. The battery keeps its charge for plenty of time to get through your grooming session so you wont have to scramble to find the charger while you work. So please feed well and start young.

Your cat will probably only need a major trim once per year at the start of every summer. Pat Your Pet Grooming Tool. Dust your feline with powder from time to time to facilitate your grooming session and soften your cats fur.

Cat Grooming Secret 2. Before we discuss how to groom your Persian cat lets look at the supplies you need. In addition to fur care you need to groom your Persian cats eyes ears and nails.

The best brush is a slicker brush. Persian cats are more likely to excrete grease because of their thick coats that pick-up dirt and matt easily. Pelaqita Persians uses and recommends the PinkPawPal professional grooming products.

Andis Pet Steel Comb. It is best to start routine grooming maintenance when they are young kittens. Its a must for a Persian owner to groom their cat daily.

Cat Grooming Secret 1. Some people apply the detergent directly to a wet coat while others prefer to dilute it. The best way to remove tangles is to brush your Persians hair everyday or at least every other day.

What goes in comes out. FURminator deShedding Rinse-Free Foaming Shampoo. Use Shampoo and Conditioner.

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