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Persian Dilute Calico Cat

Dilute calicos have the same tri-colored coat that calicos have but the dilute gene causes the colors to be muted and appear faded. QGC GC Bracie Gilda Breeder.

Marie The Sweet Dilute Calico Long Hair Persian Diluted Calico Fluffy Cat Cute Cats And Kittens

The names for this type of genetics are dilute and dense calico.

Persian dilute calico cat. KUORII MOONLIGHT KISS persian blue white. A dilute calico Persian is a tri-color cat with patches in blue cream and white. The possibility of a male calico cat is not that high but possible and most male calicos turn out sterile.

Along those same lines dilute calico cats must be the dilute versions of their densely colored counterparts such as white blue and cream. 3 New Show Quality Female kittens STILL AVAILABLE a CreamWhite Van 1400 a Dilute Calico Van 1600SOLD and a Top Show Quality Dominant Calico Van 2500 SOLD. Calico cats are pretty rare and feature only with certain cat breeds.

The white will dilute to cream orange dilutes to strawberry-blonde and the black dilutes to gray. How Rare Is A Calico Cat. There are many color mixtures like redorange white and black and white and bluegrey.

Calico Persian Kittens Past Kittens Pictured on this page are some of our past Calico Persian kittens. White chocolate and red. Ocalicos specializes in purebred Persian cats that are bi-colored or tri-colored.

Try these curated collections. Search for dilute calico cat. Dilute calico Maine Coon and dilute calico Persian cats are both great examples of long hair dilute calico cats.

Our Persians have copper colored eyes and coats of white with other colors like red cream black blue brown tabby red tabby patched tabby calico or dilute calicos. Of course as previously discussed they will almost always be female. However the calico cat can have any three colors in its pattern.

Youll find that 1 in 10000 male calico cats is fertile. GC DIVINATION JUST PRETTY persian dilute calico. Breeds that exhibit calico and dilute calico cats include the American Shorthair Maine Coon Persian American Curl Norwegian Forest Cat.

What is interesting is that only female cats can be tortoiseshell or calico. Instead of the traditional black red white they beauties are cream white and blue. If there is only ONE copy of the dilute gene the color of the cat DOES NOT CHANGE but the cat can be called a dilute carrier and that cat can produce dilute offspring IF bred to a another dilute cat or dilute.

The word calico refers to certain patterns on the cats coat. If you are interested in an Exotic Shorthair calico kitten for sale or Persian calico kitten for sale please visit our Kittens for Sale page or Email us to join our notification list when we have more available. Cat experts have been studying felines with these patterns decades ago.

For dense calico cats the combinations are white black and red sometimes referred to as orange. The tortoiseshell and calico colourpattern is reasonably common in mixed breed cats as well as some purebreds. The Calico Persian Cat Pattern.

The calico cat is most commonly thought of as being typically 25 to 75 white with large orange and black patches. Welcome to Ocalicos Persians. Or white fawn and cream.

Dilute Calico Persian Kittens - Doll Face Persian KittensPersian Himalayan Kittens For Sale in a rainbow of colors. This gallery includes our Exotic Shorthair calico kittens and Persian calico kittens or Exotic Longhair calico kittens we have sold. 382 dilute calico cat stock photos vectors and illustrations are available royalty-free.

Welcome to Kitty Parties Persians Available Kitten Page. Or white cinnamon and red. This interesting colour combination contains both red and black or brown and white if the cat is calico.

TICA EN Regions 14th Best Cat in Championship 2008 Dilute Calico Van Persian Female Born 090906 S. Dilute calico cat. DIVINATION CHOPETTA DW persian calico.

They are almost exclusively female except under rare genetic conditions. GC DEDEN LOVER ZORRO OF KUORII persian black. Only 1 in 3000 males on average are calico or dilute calico cats.

Ready soon is a Show Quality Dilute Calico Female 1400 she will be ready to go by the end of August. Sorry but we do not breed solid colors himalayans tea-cup. GC TEHY MARTINI OF KUORII persian black.

White lilac and cream. KUORII SWEET ESCAPE persian red white. So if at the dilute loci there is a copy of the dilute gene on both copies of the DNA a black cat becomes blue a red cat becomes cream and a tortoiseshell becomes a blue-cream.

These tri-colored beauties come in traditional bold coloring smoke dilute and chocolate. Not many people know about Dilute Calicos. Dilute calicos are also called calamanco cats or clouded tigers.

There should be no brindling. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. See dilute calico cat stock video clips.

Dilute calico cats really are unique beautiful animals. A calico cat is a domestic cat of any breed with a tri-color coat. In business for 32 Years.

Calico is not to be confused with a tortoiseshell which has a mostly mottled coat of. GC DIVINATION JUST PRETTY persian dilute calico.

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