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Persian Calico Cat Mix

In the 17th century pietro della valle brought a cat from persia to italy to add to the breeding programme. Apart from the white Persian cat that may have copper blue or odd-eyes 1 blue.

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The calico cat is most commonly thought of as being typically 25 to 75 white with large orange and black patches.

Persian calico cat mix. Normally breeders dont mix breeds like that. Calico cats have patches of three different colors in their coats white black and orange. However the calico cat can have any three colors in its pattern.

A Calico Persian everyones dream kitten. Willy Male 4 months old 2500. Ocalicos specializes in purebred Persian cats that are bi-colored or tri-colored.

It has the same colors white orange and black but in the Tortoiseshell cat these colors are swirled together instead of in patches. June 27 Kittens and Adults Available Sky Exotic Shorthair Male 35 months old. In Orangeburg SC on Petfinder.

Meet Ida a Calico Persian Mix Cat for adoption at Maude Schiffley Chapter of SPCA. When she gets older she will shed like other cats. If youre looking for a pedigree cat Persians come in the calico color variety.

These tri-colored beauties come in traditional bold coloring smoke dilute and chocolate. Bella Female 35 Months old 2500 Pepa Male 4 months Old 2500. Our Persians have copper colored eyes and coats of white with other colors like red cream black blue brown tabby red tabby patched tabby calico or dilute calicos.

The cat has a white coat with small or big patches of orange and black. A number of breeds have the coloration. The pastel version of this is cream gray and white.

These magnificent marbled felines are without question some of our most requested yet highly rare. With the bicolor gene a black cat becomes black white a red cat becomes red white and a tortoiseshell becomes a calico. But why would anyone do that.

If the cat has two copies of the bicolor gene often the cat is mostly white otherwise known as a Van Bicolor These cats will always have. ILONKA Dilute Calico Female 35 months Old 2400. Persians have a extremely fluffy coat and a distinctive smooshed face appearance and are known for being laid-back lap cats.

The persian cat is a long haired breed of cat characterized by its round face and short muzzle. Personality Temperament and Traits of the Calico Cat. Persians look completely different from RBs so it is theoretically possible that if you mixed Persians and RBs you could get a kitten that looked like this kitten.

Persians are found in black blue red white cream lilac and chocolate. They are the state cat of Maryland. That is to say they may be solid color bi-color tabby torbie calico tortoiseshell if they are female silver smoke cameo.

Money cats are believed to bring good luck in the folklore of many cultures. Different names Calico cats have different names in different cultures. A calico cats fur colors are a mixture of white black and orange the same as feather colors of the Baltimore Oriole which is Marylands state bird.

The Calico cat is different from the Tortoiseshell cat. Two Persian Kittens registered one dilute calico female and one blue and white male. They are almost exclusively female except under rare genetic conditions.

1 copper eye all the other coat colors only have copper eyes. Persian cats which have one copy of the Himalayan coat pattern gene look like other Persian cats and they are called colorpoint carriers CPC. Calico Persian Kittens Past Kittens Pictured on this page are some of our past Calico Persian kittens.

Welcome to Ocalicos Persians. She is a Persian Calico mix with a gorgeous long coat in patches of black tangerine and white. The coloration of the patterning on the Calico Persian can often be a variety of colors but is black red and white.

At four months old most kittens dont shed much. Blue really describes a shade of gray or a dark. Chase Male 35 months old.

A calico cat is a domestic cat of any breed with a tri-color coat. The word Calico actually refers to the cats tri color coat pattern. Beckoning cat-The famous Beckoning cat character is based on a calico cat.

They will come up to date on age. She is litter trained and well behaved. The coat is white with cream light orange and charcoal grey patches.

The third variation calibby is a mixture of calico and tabby cats. Calico is not to be confused with a tortoiseshell which has a mostly mottled coat of. A dilute calico is a combination of white charcoal grey light orange and cream color.

At 14 years young KC still has lots of life and love to offer. Calico Van Girl Miledi DOB. Only two other states have state cats.

Pets and Animals Louisville 450. Like many long haired cats the himalayan is the result of years of selective breeding. Learn more about Ida today.

Many domestic shorthairs which are mix-breed cats have this coloration.

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