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Persian Cat Breed Standard

Persians have always been instantly recognizable due to their pushed-in shout large round head long thick fur and seemingly oversized eyes. This article is about the Cat Fanciers Association CFA breed standard for the contemporary flat faced Persian cat.

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Doll Face Persian Classic Persian Old Fashioned Persian Long-nosed.

Persian cat breed standard. April 11th 2011. This groups main purpose is discussion about breeding and showing Persian Cats. I am indebted to the celebrated cat photographer Helmi Flick for her photograph of a contemporary pointed Persian.

The long thick coat softens the lines of the cat and accentuates the round-ness in appearance. This is a comprehensive review of the breed standard. Viewed in profile the Persian cats forehead nose and chin should appear to be vertically aligned with the eyes taking on a prominent appearance.

The ideal Persian should present an impression of a heavily boned well-balanced cat with a sweet expression and soft round lines. Monday Friday 800 am. Staff is working diligently to process tickets received during the week of March 20th.

The Executive Office can be reached via telephone during regular business hours. The large round eyes set wide apart in a large round head contribute to the overall look and expression. Ears The ears should be small with a slightly forward tilt.

Please click on the breed headings below to view their official standards. A well-bred Persian is a hardy and healthy cat and is not more prone to illness and respiratory infections than other breeds. Some tout the Persian as the most popular cat breed out there which creates little surprise to know that it falls at number 2 on our list of the most popular cat breeds in the Philippines.

Through selective breeding cat fanciers began to mold the Persian to its present-day appearance. The Sanctuary on The Cove. The ideal Persian should present an impression of a heavily boned well-balanced cat with a sweet expression and soft round lines.

Download 2020 Full Standard Book Here. This cat is sometimes referred to as the Ultra Persian in recognition of selective cat breeding to an extreme degree eg. Their fur was longer than that of the Angora cat and they had shorter legs.

PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR REGISTERING BODY FOR INFORMATION ON BREEDS AND STANDARDS RECOGNISED BY THAT BODY. They bred cats to have a round head short face snub nose chubby cheeks small rounded ears big eyes and a sturdy body. Registered Show Standard Persian Cat Breeders.

The Persian has a strikingly long coat. Courtesy the Cat Fanciers Association. There should be no sacrifice of quality for the sake of mere size.

Domestic cat Felis catus Traditional Persian is one of several names for a group of cats that are considered to be essentially the original breed of Persian cat before the variety was selectively bred to have extreme features. Pedigree Cat Show Standards. Other everyday usage names are.

The large round eyes set wide apart in a large round head contribute to the overall look and expression. PERSIAN GENERAL STANDARD The Persian is a medium to large cat which feels heavier than it looks. At the end of the breeds is a description of the tabby patterns and general remarks for all breeds.

Persian breeders dedicate themselves to breeding healthy cats availing themselves of the latest in veterinary screening procedures to test for any heritable disease conditions. All allowable colours are listed within each breed. Its primary features are its sweet expression set in a round face its short thickset muscular body and its docile nature.

We only support registered breeders from the main world associations which breed towards the show standard of their.

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