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Persian Cat Eye Care

Almost all Persian cats can have tearing of the eyes and if left unchecked the tears can stain the coat around the cats eyes a red or rust color. But again do not put any solution in the cats eyes.

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Persian cats need daily eye care.

Persian cat eye care. Therefore I rarely ever clean his eyes. His eyes do not water. Your vet could also prescribe a gentle eye-wash solution to use as needed.

To keep your cat comfortable you need to keep this area clean. Specifically created to remove unwanted tear stains from your cats coat. You should gently wipe away any discharge from the Persian cats eye area with a damp clean piece of gauze or a cotton ball.

The best eye cleaner for Persian cats. Really this process should be affordable quick and painless. Eye Care of the Persian Cat.

Inspect the skin folds to make sure they arent raw looking. These are a few main categories of Persian cat care. Find a good breeder now.

The water or solution is to wet the cotton pad to wipe UNDER not on the eye. It is very important to feed Persians a strict and nutritious diet to avoid excess weight gain. To avoid straining I would advise wiping their eyes daily with cotton wool pads and warm water this will ensure that crust and hard particles dont build-up that can cause further eye problems for your Persian Kitten.

The first thing to do is gather the right tools to combat eye stains on a Persian. Keep your pretty Persian kittys eyes clean of excess tears by using eye wipes sold in pet supply stores to keep them free of tears and the infections they can lead to. Your Persian cat will quickly get used to this simple grooming process.

As with grooming their fur I recommend eye cleaning as soon as you get your Persian kitten as this forms part of daily Persian kitten care. Using cotton wool swabs dampened with clean luke-warm water simply wipe each eye with a separate swab twice a day or when necessary. Trim the fur around its eyes when the fur gets too long.

Its important to keep a close eye on Persians so that any concerning health issues are caught and treated early. Here are some tips on Persian cat eye care. If they are you should consult your veterinarian for advice.

Eye care is a crucial part of owning a Persian. You can also use a slightly damp cotton ball one to two times daily to wipe the area around the eyes removing any dried crusty tears that have formed overnight. Persian Cat Eye Maintenance - YouTube.

A few minutes a day caring for your kittens eyes is all it takes to have a gorgeous and happy Persian. If you think your Persian has excessive or unusual tear-staining consult your vet. Daily eye cleaning for your Persian does not need to be expensive.

Regular trips to the veterinarian can help you catch common health problems with this breed early on. We hope this post helped you understand how to clean your Persian cats eyes. We offer a list of breeders for many different breeds of cats.

Follow these simple guidelines and watch the improvements. Before you have tend to your Persians eyes again. All you need is warm water cotton pads and a few minutes to effectively remove excess eye drainage.

In this article we will be addressing keeping a Persian cats eyes clean. You as the owner should have the duty to take very good care of your cats eye by first knowing the basic tips on Persian cat eye care. Offering your cat distilled water in.

Ad Health is most important and integrity of your breeder is supporting that feature. It cannot tell you that there is dirt on its eye and it cannot tell you that its fur is bothering its sight. With following these procedures for caring for your Persian cat or kittens eyes you will find through time it might be several days.

Dont rub the eyeball directly of course. An Eyebrow Comb Brush works great if you need to comb the hair around the eyes. All three are safe gentle and effective.

In order to clean your Persian cats eyes apply the moistened soft paper just below the tear duct and the inner corner of the eye gently removing the secretions accumulated just below and around the eye. At this time there are three very popular eye care products specifically formulated and marketed for Persian eye care. Wipe your Persians eyes with a damp clean cloth no soap once or twice a day.

Then dry with a soft dry and clean paper. There are other articles on this site about coat maintenance nails teeth care ear cleaning and bathing. The best product you can use for preventative cleaning is just plain lukewarm water if you prefer not to use tap water you can purchase sterile saline wash but this is not a must.

While responsible breeders do take steps to mitigate the spread of common health problems among their litters no breeder can say with certainty that their cats are completely free of illness or the potential for illness. Cleaning the eyes of a Persian Cat is just one of those terms you have to accept once you buy one for yourself. If theres no medical problem you can try one of many commercial tear-stain removal products.

You need to clean the cats eyes on a regular basis. If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device. Cornelius is a doll faced Persian has a longer nose.

Persian Cat Eye Maintenance.

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