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How To Take Care Of Your Persian Cat

To prevent eye debris build-up you should clean your Persian cats eyes on a daily basis. To keep the litter box clean make sure you scoop the litter daily and clean the box weekly.

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Foods to enhance your Persian cats coat Of course caring for a Persian cats coat is not limited to brushing and using feline styling products.

How to take care of your persian cat. If your cat has very excessive eye drainage you can clean their eyes multiple times a day. Bring Out the Coconut Oil Organic extra virgin coconut oil has health benefits for you and it has potential health benefits for your cat as well. It is recommended that Persians be brushed once a day and receive monthly baths to help them maintain their shine and.

The fatty oils omega 3 and omega 6 are especially beneficial for your cats body and coat. Items You Should Never Let your Cat Eat 3. Bear in mind that your cat may not like being brushed or may not be used to a brush.

Welcome to Pets and Animals YouTube Channel. You need to comb your cat every day using a stainless steel comb so that it stays as healthy and as tangle-free as possible. You must comb your cats fur to untangle any knots.

Without it Persians coats can quickly become tangled and matted which can be painful. Set aside 5-10 minutes or handle the task while you watch television each night. Some Fun Ways to Entertain your Cat 5.

It doesnt have to take a long time to brush your cat each day. Caring for a Persian cats fur The Persian cat has long and abundant fur that you will need to care for daily. Nails and ears are two of the most common sources of injury and infection in cats especially long-haired breeds where fur often hides these areas.

In this case it is highly important to brush your Persian cat thoroughly before bathing because quite the opposite of what you may think bathing will not do anything but tangle your cats hair even more. If your Persian cat is cotton-furred which is a very soft type of fur this is especially important as it can knot and become nappy. Make sure you keep constant eye on them as the chances of soft pooping are higher.

If the fur knots around the belly and under the arms and legs it can pull at their tender skin. The materials and the information conta. To avoid straining I would advise wiping their eyes daily with cotton wool pads and warm water this will ensure that crust and hard particles dont build-up that can cause further eye problems for your Persian Kitten.

Their thick and fluffy coat requires daily grooming. Because of the length of her coat your Persian cat needs to be brushed each day. When you trim cat nails you make it easier for them to navigate without getting their claws stuck and make it.

Make use of a soft paper and dip it in water to clean the outer surface. Persian Cat Care. If you want to take really good care of your Persian kitten and cat some of these helpful tips will make your life much easier with your darling little Persian cat.

Persian cats unlike other cats produce a lot of wax and hence you need to clean the ears every week. As with grooming their fur I recommend eye cleaning as soon as you get your Persian kitten as this forms part of daily Persian kitten care. Putting a little bit of this oil directly on the matted fur and letting it sit for up to an hour can help you to untangle the hair.

Blass says that some Persian owners get their Persian cats bellies and back legs shaved to reduce some of the issues that come with cat litter box usage noting Trimming these areas can help the cats feel more comfortable It is recommended to have a professional groomer trim or shave your Persian cats fur instead of doing it at home. You must brush your cat every day using a flat brush with plastic bristles. At six weeks you should schedule an appointment with the vet.

Persian Cat Grooming Tips To Keep Your Fur Baby Healthy. How to Trim your Cats Nails 4. Here youll find a lot of information about Animals and PetsDisclaimer.

You can also use a metal brush with round spikes to avoid damaging their sensitive skin. Because of their long coats it should come as no surprise that Persian cats require a good deal of regular grooming. Trim Nails and Clean Ears.

Ideally Persians require monthly baths. The Characteristics of a Persian Cat 2. You should also replace or refresh the litter at least once a week.

This will prevent bacteria mites and fungi infection and keep their health in check. Taking care of the long thick hair of your Persian cat is very important to maintain their beauty. Place the box in a quiet spot where the cat wont be bothered by people dogs or loud noises.

Its the time of the first vaccine. Hence make sure you keep them clean by checking regularly. Some foods have nutrients that can improve the quality and appearance of Persian cats fur.

This simple process should only take a few minutes. Doing so will minimize the possibility that she will develop knots in her fur.

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