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Persian Cat Eye Cleaner

We hope this post helped you understand how to clean your Persian cats eyes. You can buy all sorts of expensive solutions you could use contact lens rinsing solution or you could use plain water.

How To Clean Your Persian Cats Eyes Youtube Persian Cat Cats Cat Eye

You should use some trimmer scissors just to cut the hair back a little.

Persian cat eye cleaner. Really this process should be affordable quick and painless. If they are you should consult your veterinarian for advice. If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device.

All you need is warm water cotton pads and a few minutes to effectively remove excess eye drainage. Just use another cotton swap and work the shampoo into the area you are cleaning. Cleaning the eyes of a Persian Cat is just one of those terms you have to accept once you buy one for yourself.

Be very careful when doing so as the very last thing you want is to accidentally catch your kitty at any point. The best way I have found to do this is take a warm water dampened Q tip wipe the the tear stained areas with this getting it damp first. Daily eye cleaning for your Persian does not need to be expensive.

The best product you can use for preventative cleaning is just plain lukewarm water if you prefer not to use tap water you can purchase sterile saline wash but this is not a must. If staining or infection has already occurred. This will eliminate some of the dirty hair.

Your Persian cat will quickly get used to this simple grooming process. You can also use a slightly damp cotton ball one to two times daily to wipe the area around the eyes removing any dried crusty tears that have formed overnight. The first thing to do is gather the right tools to combat eye stains on a Persian.

But again do not put any solution in the cats eyes. Then use baby shampoo tearless. Rinse with warm water.

Betadine and Water mixture This solution can be mix up and stored in an airtight container ie Tupperware for daily cleaning of the cats eyes. Use Vetericyn VF Plus Ophthalmic Wash Veterinary Formula for eyes For Flushing cleaning irritation and wounds to the eyes. Be gentle in the pressure you apply to the area around the eyethis is sensitive territory.

Come from the side and above so you dont give the cat the impression there is a head-on attack coming and make him think he is about to be hit in the eye. I clean the eyes of kitties all the time even persains. You may want to.

Using warm water with a clean cloth to wipe underneath the eyes regularly is usually enough to avoid future issues. The water or solution is to wet the cotton pad to wipe UNDER not on the eye. How I go about cleaning my Persian Cats eyes and prevent staining of her face.

I use it for cleaning the catskittens eyes after cleaning their face with various products. How to clean your Persian Cats Eyes Nicola Bailey 42K views Live 613 Playlist Mix 50 How to clean Persian Cat Eyes Grassy. Almost all Persian cats can have tearing of the eyes and if left unchecked the tears can stain the coat around the cats eyes a red or rust color.

Therefore I rarely ever clean his eyes. Persian cats characteristically have long hair around their eyes. Persian Cat Eye Maintenance.

The best eye cleaner for Persian cats. First is SPA by Tropiclean this fantastic cleanser is a permanent fixture in our grooming salon. At this time there are three very popular eye care products specifically formulated and marketed for Persian eye care.

If playback doesnt begin shortly try restarting your device. Persian Cat Eye Maintenance - YouTube. It will also lessen the amount of hair that gets gummed up from the eye discharge in the future and reduce staining.

All three are safe gentle and effective. Step 3 Wipe your Persians eyes with a clean soft tissue so that you are working with dry eyes. His eyes do not water.

Gentle cleaning with damp cotton wool will work. An Eyebrow Comb Brush works great if you need to comb the hair around the eyes. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

Keep your pretty Persian kittys eyes clean of excess tears by using eye wipes sold in pet supply stores to keep them free of tears and the infections they can lead to. Cornelius is a doll faced Persian has a longer nose. Cleaning Persian andor Himalayan cat eyes is simple once built into your daily routine.

An open eye may be scratched resulting in corneal ulceration or a hole in the clear eye surface. This is done before you use the Eye Envy Face Powder for the face and eye area. Trim or clip the hair around your cats eyes and nose first.

You cant stop the tearing its due to the shape of the tear ducts not letting them drain fast enough. Inspect the skin folds to make sure they arent raw looking. We do not recommend applying any type of chemical substance to the eye area of these kitties.

Use a fresh pad for each eye. The Eye and Facial Cleaning Solution works best when combined with the Tear Stain Removing Powder. Specifically created to remove unwanted tear stains from your cats coat.

You should gently wipe away any discharge from the Persian cats eye area with a damp clean piece of gauze or a cotton ball.

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