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Top Names For Persian Cats

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Top 35 Best Male Persian Cat Names Persian Cat Cat Names Cats

Karkadann A huge mythological creature.

Top names for persian cats. Finding a name befitting of this magnificent breed is a task worthy of patience and research. Male Persian Cat Names Abbas For your Persian friend who is as brave as a lion Abtin For your obedient Persian cat Aistan Suits a puss whose power is unmatched. Bala Being naughty.

Arashan Hero cat. 350 Best Names for Persian Cats. When the iconic Felix the Cat made his 1919 debut in Feline Follies the name was a relatively popular name for baby boys but has since become a name most commonly assigned to cats.

Sheeva A charming woman. These names would be suitable for your Persian cat in a big way. Persian cats are known for their sweet temperament long coat and they are affectionate to humans.

Many Roxies or Roxys are actually Roxannes but the name is from Persia and means dawn so its a great fit for Persian cats. The glitz and glam appeal of the name makes it a great naming option. A memorable name that was derived from the olive tree Olive trees symbolize beauty and fruitfulness.

Cyrus Honored and respected. This cat name has seen tremendous popularity in North America over the years and is currently most popular in European countries. Persian Cat Names.

With such fondness and affection for the breed it is no surprise there are famous Persian cats such as the mix Colonel-Meow. Most of them are unique girl cat names so they are all perfect for your girl cat. Ruby A ruby is a.

The following species have a white variety. Jasmine A Persian word meaning flower Milo A Latin name for the word merciful. These cats have an aura of mystery as well as remaining totally gorgeous.

You would want a name that reflects your cats exotic ancestry and heritage. We will attempt to assist you on your journey with our list of Persian cat names. White cats are often loved for their pureness innocence and beauty.

If you own a male persian cat here are our name ideas that will help you name your adorable kitten. Thats why they are recommended pets due to their friendly behaviour towards humans. This name will make sense.

There are many female cat names to choose from so we have selected 60 ones for you to think about. Often they are associated with spiritual feelings and have a calming effect on their owners. We offer a list of breeders for many different breeds of cats.

Several species of cats can be white. Also they are likely to go outside due to their strong instinct to breed. Best Persian Cat Names - CatTime.

If you own a persian cat as a pet here are persian cat name ideas for you. Funny Persian Cat Names. Food-Related Persian Cat Names.

According the most recent survey Persian cats are the second most popular cat breed in the USA. A lovely name for your love. Here is a complete list of names for male Persian cats.

Persian cats are generally more calm lounge-loving cats. Kitty A cat or kitten is generally called kitty Monty An English name refers to the mountain hunter Lilly A name of a beautiful flower known for its beauty and purity. Boo The famous dog in Monsters Inc Bubbles Happy Marjan Coral Marmar Marble Donya World.

Selecting a name might be hard at first especially if you have no idea what to call them. A magnificent name for your magnum. Male Persian Cat Names Mr Jinx Max Shadow Amir Charlie Smokey Basil Leo Oscar Sylvester Sam Gizmo Sebastian Arthur Luxor Lynx Bijan Sphinx Simba Abbas Xerxes Garfield Hamid Cassidy Boots Aladdin Oliver Tigger Mozart Titan Rah Adonis Hunter Elvis Pharaoh Female Persian Cat Names Chloe Crystal Gucci Sassy Beauty Aime Akira Astral Tinkerbell Prosecco Perrier.

You might want to pick some distinguished yet cute female names that are fitting for this breed. Felines featured in Disney movies like The Aristocats The Jungle Book and The Lion King to name just a few of the Disney movie kitties on this list have inspired pet cat names. Arastoo Aristotle the philosopher.

Its a great name for a poofy cat. Our Top 10 Favorite Persian Cat Names. If you want your Persian cats name to be food-inspired consider these names Applejack.

A very special name for orange Persian cats.

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