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American Curl Tail Cat

American curls are instantly recognizable by their ears which are curiously formed as if fashioned by a hat designer. When susan manley found him he was a 2 day old kitten who needed to be bottle fed in order to survive.

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One minor health problem among american curl cats is related to their ear canals.

American curl tail cat. The american curl originated in june 1981 as a spontaneous genetic mutation in the domestic cat population. Females should be between 5 8 lb 2 3 3 6 kg and males 7 10 lb 3 2 4 5 kg. The american curl is one of the youngest cat breeds.

Aside from common feline illnesses they are free from major hereditary diseases and do not possess any notable disease that can be imputed to genetics. Their body is long and muscular with a rectangular silhouette. American curl kittens are born with straight ears which begin to curl within forty eight hours.

Finally the two cats differ health wise. In june 1981 two cats with ears that curled backwards arrived on the doorstep of a couple in lakewood california. Females are somewhat smaller than males their height at the withers is between 17 7 19 6 inches in males and 15 7 17 7 inches.

The head of these cats is wedge shaped they are longer than wide. The american ringtail cat also known as the ringtail sing a ling is a fairly new experimental breed that started with a rescued cat named solomon in 1998. As you might imagine american curl cats with very curly ears are often reserved as show cats.

They became popular in 1983 and by 1986 they were recognized by three of the largest north american cat registries. Breeders tend to offer cats that have a less pronounced curve to their ear structure as pets. The american curl cat is a healthy and active breed.

In addition to their signature ear shape the american curl cat is known for having a long luxurious tail. American curl cats are medium sized weighing between 6 6 11 lbs. They are strong and healthy.

Their plumed tails resemble that of ostrich feather boas capturing cat lovers and enthusiasts worldwide. It was born of a natural genetic mutation that first appeared in shulamith a stray black kitten with long silky hair and strangely ears that curled backward. Cat fanciers also say that the scottish fold is much more placid than the american curl who is reportedly active attentive and like a dog in temperament.

The american curl is a medium sized cat 5 10 lb 2 3 4 5 kg and does not reach maturity until 2 3 years of age. Rounding out the characteristics are gentle almond shaped eyes a silky flat coat and a rectangular shaped physique.

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