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Balinese Cat Colors

However over the years those numbers have dwindled down to four with most registries and those four color points are seal point chocolate point blue point and lilac point. Their traditional color points include chocolate seal blue lilac exotic lynx points rare points of cream red foreign white and tortoise.

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These cats are true and initial color points.

Balinese cat colors. The eyes are always a deep vivid blue. In cfa standard for balinese breed only 4 colors are acknowledged which the cats took from siamese seal blue chocolate and lilac point. On balinese cat historical homeland in the usa they stick to the traditions.

The cat fanciers association standard continues to accept the balinese in only the classic seal blue chocolate and lilac points with all other possible colors and patterns classed separately as javanese. The traditional color points of seal chocolate blue and lilac which are the initial and true color points of the balinese cat breed the exotic lynx points and the rare points of red cream torties and foreign white. The balinese cat breed consists of the following color points.

The traditional cat association recognizes a balinese of a different type. Seal chocolate blue and lilac. The most commonly found coloration of both balinese and siamese cats seal point defines the breed and was the original color point when siamese cats were brought to the west.

This color variation is characterized by dark brown almost black coloration on the cat s paws face and tail with a light brown ivory or cream body. The cat fanciers federation and most other associations worldwide accept the balinese breed in seal blue chocolate lilac red and cream point besides tortoiseshell and lynx points in all of these colors. This is where from comes the difference between balinese types in america britain and europe.

At one point in time there used to be around 30 different color points and marking varieties in the siamese breed for registration and showing. With colors and patterns that closely resemble the siamese cat the balinese is distinguishable by its much longer coat recognized by the cat fanciers association the balinese is a beautiful cat that s capable of winning competitions. The balinese cat breed presents in the following color points.

They have the same color points as the siamese. They have deep vivid blue eyes. They come in many different colors.

One with a more rounded head and body. Balinese breed is found in all the traditional siamese colors like blue lilac chocolate and seal as well as uncommon shades of cream and red. The balinese is a svelte cat with a muscular body that s stretched out to make a long and elegant feline.

The balinese comes in the same point colors as the siamese. The exotic patterns include lynx points and the rare points of red cream torties and foreign white. The true colors of the breed are the traditional color points of seal point chocolate point blue point and lilac.

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