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Smallest Fluffy Cat Breed

Typically standing 11 to 15 inches tall but weighing in at only 6 to 10 pounds you could say that these cats are all legs. 3 scottish fold.

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At an average of about five pounds the weight of a half gallon of milk the singapura is the smallest cat breed out there.

Smallest fluffy cat breed. Originally from thailand this kitten is characterized by their blue and green eyes according to local beliefs this is one of tamra meow s lucky cats a collection of poems describing 17 different cat breeds. Small cat breeds long hair cute fluffy most popular small cat breeds. That makes it about half the size of normal sized cats.

This people oriented cat will follow you everywhere. Truth be told the cornish rex is one of the smallest cat breeds. Most popular fluffy cat breeds.

Maybe adopting a small cat breed instead of a larger one is the best option for you. Weighing an average of 4 8 pounds singapuras are one of the smallest cat breeds in the world. 5 british shorthair.

Home all breeds wallpapers. And these cats kitten like appearance matches their personality which although they are very intelligent cats they often retain kitten like playfulness into adulthood. Their life expectancy ranges around 12 to 14 years and grows up to the maximum height of 7 to 8 inches.

1 exotic shorthair. A fully grown female often maxes out around four pounds and males around. Size smallest small medium large largest coat hairless short hair medium hair long hair characteristics hypoallergenic cutest fluffy best house rare.

Another short tailed fluffy cat breed the japanese bobtail is easily distinguished from the american bobtail by its rigid pom pom like tail. Cousin to the devon rex the cornish rex is another breed of cats that stay small with the adult growing only to between 5 pounds to 8 pounds. The cornish rex is notable for its many unique features including a coat of tight short curls and over sized ears with prominent eyes and cheekbones.

Cat breeds with short legs. Generated from the original dwarf cat breed munchkin cats look very appealing with their tiny structure that is a result of genetic mutation. Weighing no more than 10 pounds small cats can bring excitement to you and your family without needing too.

7 russian blue. Weight the korat cat s weight is around 2 4 kilos 4 4 8 8 lbs meaning it reaches the high part of the list of smallest cat breeds in the world. Origin of the korat.

3 maine coon.

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