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Abyssinian Cat Personality Traits

This is one of the most notable traits of the abyssinian cat. Abyssinian cat breed facts and personality traits hill s pet.

Abyssinian A Love Of Heights Is A Signal Trait Of The Abyssinian Abyssinian Cats Kittens Pretty Cats

Read about the abyssinian cat breed including facts history personality traits and what it s like to live with one.

Abyssinian cat personality traits. He spends his time playing exploring climbing. How is the behavior or temperament of an abyssinian cat. Henry steinman 4 years ago.

They love people and other animals. The abyssinian cat is a domestic short haired cat named after the city of abyssinia ethiopia it was once thought that this empire was where he originated but studies revealed that he originated in egypt. Choosing the right puppy food.

They are one of the most playful cat breeds and are always ready and willing to play games with their owners. Among the most popular cat breeds the abyssinian is easy to care for and a joy to have in your home. If you decided to take an adoption abyssinian cat you will see that it has a very active character exceptionally affectionate playful and dependent on his master.

The abyssinian cat has colors interspersed with lighter bands and varies between brown chocolate and fire colors. Known for its love of heights the abyssinian cat is one of the oldest breeds in the world. In fact the feline is still reminiscent of the african wildcat the ancestor of all domestic cats.

Each hair is lighter in color where it is closest to the cat s body and can display up to four bands of ticking. In all abyssinian cat colors the tips of the hairs are darkest and can often display subtle patterning. Abyssinian cats have a unique coat with many colors on each hair.

The abyssinian cat is a shorthair breed that showcases a distinctive tabby ticked coat with a fine silky texture. The aby is forever curious and incredibly athletic. The intelligence of the abyssinian is well known as they are among the most intelligent breeds of cat that exist.

At a glance the abyssinian cat looks. Where to buy sign up save. Browse by age puppy.

Abys are thought of as the dog cat their sense of smell is more acute they can be taught to play fetch and other things quicky they are of higher intelligence they are like a guard dog without the bark devoted to their person not all are lap cats but those that aren t will sit close very regal and their meow is like a chime different then any other breed. Read about the abyssinian cat breed including facts history personality traits and what it s like to live with one. They will play with their own toys for hours but also enjoy a good period of time of interactive play with their parents.

This cat breed very popular in the united states loves heights and will appreciate having the tallest cat trees. They are famous for applying this intelligence to their playful nature and will often attempt to tease their owners during playtime. They re affectionate cats and love both people and other animals.

While an active cat the abyssinian is an easy cat to have in your home. 5 things you need to know. Prev article next article.

They also have a personality that makes them an interesting breed compared to the traits typically associated with other cat breeds.

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