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Abyssinian White Guinea Pig

You can never give your abyssinian guinea pig enough hay. The abyssinian is set apart from other breeds of guinea pig by its coat which is marked with radially growing swirls or cowlicks of hair referred to as rosettes.

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An abyssinian can always be easily recognized in a crowd of guinea pigs by these beautiful cowlicks of hair which.

Abyssinian white guinea pig. Always make sure that your guinea pig has lots of fresh water. Abyssinian guinea pigs are available from local breeders and their price typically ranges between 15 and 75 depending on their breeding and color. The average annual cost of keeping them is about 1 500 2 400.

What sets it apart from the rest of its fellow rodents are the whirlpool shaped swirls of fur on its coat. There is a consensus among guinea pig owners breeders and behaviorists that this breed tends to be very mischievous and by that we mean more naughty than all the other breeds. The abyssinian is a colorful and unique character in the pantheon of guinea pig species.

A male abyssinian guinea pig the abyssinian is a breed of guinea pig that is relatively common as both a pet and show animal. The abyssinian s personality and temperament. Change it when it becomes old and top it up as your guinea pig eats it.

White abyssinian guinea pig. Guinea pig teeth keep on growing and can cause serious health problems if they do not stop. Hay will naturally combat this.

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