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Balinese Written Language

The balinese script natively known as aksara bali and hanacaraka is an abugida used in the island of bali indonesia commonly for writing the austronesian balinese language old javanese and the liturgical language sanskrit. Indonesian bahasa indonesia indonesian an austronesian language is a standardized form of malay and is spoken throughout indonesia.

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Balinese is a malayo polynesian language spoken mainly in bali in indonesia by about 3 3 million people.

Balinese written language. It has its own alphabet aksara bali though this is only used to a limited extent. Balinese or simply bali is a malayo polynesian language spoken by 3 3 million people as of 2000 on the indonesian island of bali as well as northern nusa penida western lombok eastern java southern sumatra and sulawesi. With some modifications the script is also used to write the sasak language used in the neighboring island of lombok.

About 30 million people speak indonesian as their first language and a further 140 million speak it as a second language. Most balinese speakers also know indonesian.

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