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Bengal Cat Savannah Cat Mix

The savannah cat is a cross between a domestic cat and a wild african cat called serval. Judee frank crossbred a siamese cat with a male serval to produce the first savannah cat in 1986.

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Instead of wondering what they are embrace your kitty s distinctive personality and appearance and let their behavior shine on through.

Bengal cat savannah cat mix. Bengal rescue is a member of a very large community of bengal cat enthusiasts which includes other bengal cat rescue organizations adopters fosters behavioral experts medical experts and yes. Although it was deemed an unusual cross at first it became a popular hybrid at the end of the 1990 s. In 1986 a bengal breeder named judee frank bred a serval with a domestic cat which resulted in one kitten she named savannah which is how the breed got its name.

While the bengal cat is known for its rosettes savannahs are known for their bold spots. We are a quality breeder of bengal and savannah cats located in oregon. Firstly a bengal is a mix between a domestic cat and an asian leopard cat.

They have large tall ears that sit on top of their heads. This difference in parentage leaves a significant mark on their personality temperament and maintenance needs. Storm the bengal cat photo storm and aslan savannah cats are large long legged cats with lean athletic builds.

They have hooded eyes long necks and medium length tails. It can be hard to determine if your cat is a bengal mix or not because bengal cats share so many features with other cats. Bengal rescue is committed to rescuing bengal cats and other hybrid cats including but not limited to savannah cats toyger cats and chausie cats.

Bengal and savannah kittens for sale. In summary how to tell if your cat is a bengal mix. Breeding down a wild cat with a domestic ruins any chance of the wild genes to continue on and save the species seen with the loss of interest in the wild amur leopard cat to the hybrid bengal cat let alone why make another desinger cat when millions of domestics are put to sleep each year.

When using an outcross of any breed not just bengal with a savannah the breeder has the option of registering the offspring as either breed so if using a bengal stud the kittens can be registered as savannahs or bengals if using an egyptian mau until may a permissible outcross the kittens can be registered as egyptian maus or savannahs. A savannah is a mix between a domestic cat and a serval. Golden bay bengals savannahs bengal kittens in oregon.

A few years later patrick kelly and joyce sroufe decided to develop a breed inspired by the gorgeous savannah kitten who stole their hearts. However despite being bred similarly these cats are quite different.

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