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Exotic Persian Cat Black And White

At the crystal palace cat show in 1871 persian type cats were among the breeds exhibited. The unique color combination has added to the popularity of the shell tortoiseshell persian cat.

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This one has its white undercoat covered with an outer coat tipped in shades of black and red.

Exotic persian cat black and white. All cats at purfurvid are dna pkd negative. For example a black persian male is 0108 a black exotic male is 7708 a black colorpoint carrying persian male is 3008 and a colorpoint carrying black exotic male is 7508. Exotic shorthairs like persians and other persian derived cats have a high chance of inheriting pkd polycystic kidney disease a medical problem that can lead to kidney failure.

The color numbering system for the exotics is based on the color numbering system of the persian. Black white persian kitten photo gallery. Another exotic variety of the persian is the tortoiseshell.

Until the late 19 th century when breeding and showing cats became popular longhaired cats from persia turkey afghanistan and other exotic locales were known simply as asiatic cats and were often bred together. If your pet has white fur but her ears and tail are black she is said to have van markings. Featured here are some of our past black white persian kittens often times black and whites are also called tuxedo persians these kittens have a sleek black coat and a bright white bib chest.

We specialize in bicolor calico division exotic shorthair and persian cats. An exotic shorthair cats and occasionally persian cats cattery purfurvid cattery exclusively registers and shows in cfa and combines quality exotic shorthair and persian lines which include cfa grand champions distinguished merits national winners and regional winners. Our numbering system hits a snag however when identifying the longhair.

In the show ring a black and white cat will fall under the bi color division. The black and white coat pattern in cats is sometimes referred to as pied cats magpie and even patched. Tabby persian cats constitute a sub variety of exotic persian cats that are special in that.

Several studies have shown that the prevalence of pkd in exotics is as high as between forty and fifty percent in developed nations.

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