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Quietest Cat Breeds

Although quiet in voice the bengal cat is curious and unpredictable. I know he has mane coon in him but hes soo quiet.

20 Fun Facts You Didn T Know About The Cornish Rex Cat Breeds Cornish Rex Quiet Cat

Silent quiet cat breeds if you want feline companionship but want to maintain a quiet environment consider a silent or quiet cat breed.

Quietest cat breeds. The tiger cat isn t actually one breed as such as it certainly isn t a combination cat from a mating between a. Photo by getty images. Unlike other cat breeds that date back centuries american curl cats only go back to the 1980s.

Large and in charge this is the kind of breed you might expect to be quite loud. They still purr and may even meow from time to time but they are much less voca l than other breeds. Think of it as a quiet confidence achieved by knowing it is one gorgeous animal.

This breed stands out for its balanced temperament for its high sociability and the extreme fidelity to its relatives. Keep in mind that cats have different personalities and just because they re typically a quiet breed doesn t mean that they ll turn out to be less vocal. What breeds are known for being quiet.

Yes those big balls of soft plushy fur so popular with many cat owners is also among the quietest breeds. It s a big cat with a big look but it s a very quiet breed. This is a quiet breed that s likely going to disappear when you have more than just a few people in the house and it s not going to bother you as a whole.

Rumor has it that it gets highly offended when it sees a pig wearing lipstick but even then will keep its opinion to itself. In fact when he meows everyone looks at him like whats up joe so i figured i d start there. This is by no means an exhaustive list of quiet cats but it is a good start if you re looking to adopt a quiet cat.

Also thanks to their docility and patience they are considered excellent pets for. So the tabby has lots of different coat colors and patterns and the cat comes in differe. They don t have a problem hopping in the shower with human family members for example and they ll take every opportunity to paw at the fish tank.

Quiet cat breeds 71 mycatbreeds. Keep in mind that although persian cats love to sit on your lap they don t enjoy loud environments. These cats also have adorable and quiet personalities which add to their appeal.

I m trying to figure out what mix my cat is. According to many experts and passionate owners the american shorthair is the quietest cat there is. The tabby isn t a cat breed but rather a certain cat pattern.

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