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Abyssinian Guinea Pig Black And Brown

Wild guinea pigs have grey or brown fur but in captivity many different colors and coat types are mixed and matched. Abyssinians typically have an even number of rosettes with the show quality specimens having eight or ten swirls of hair including two on their shoulders two on their hips two on their rump and two or four on their back.

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Agouti a sort of grey color.

Abyssinian guinea pig black and brown. There are silver. The abyssinian is set apart from other breeds of guinea pig by its coat which is marked with radially growing swirls or cowlicks of hair referred to as rosettes. The abyssinian is a breed of guinea pig that is relatively common as both a pet and show animal.

Abyssinian guinea pigs are distinguished by their rosettes hair radiating in a circle from a center point. Here s a guide to help you learn more about the various types of abyssinian coats. The abyssinian guinea pig is an adorable breed of domestic cavies popular for its unique coat and outgoing personality.

But look like they are all one color e g white orange brown black agouti agouti coloring is marked by hair that is darker at the base and lighter at the tip. The guinea pig s hair should have a mixture of black and white. They aren t the american guinea pigs you would imagine when you first think of these animals but rather something slightly more exotic.

They have 8 10 rosettes on their body and head. The abyssinian guinea pig is truly a unique breed of guinea pig that has awed many people all around the world.

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