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Abyssinian Vs Somali

Abyssinian and somali pedigreed kittens and cats in all four colors ruddy red blue fawn from our. Somalia borders abyssinia which is modern day ethiopia.

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In nomenclature terms they are also known as simply abys.

Abyssinian vs somali. In recent years the name abyssinia seems to be enjoying a revival of one form or another. The abyssinian is thought to be an ancient breed with origins in egypt or asia or abyssinia. The aby as we like to shorten the name was developed mostly in england in the early part of the 20th century.

But abyssinian requires low maintenance. A little history of the abyssinian and somali breeds would be a good place to start. Devon rex cat breed is also similar to abyssinian cats along with singapura breed russian blue breed and peterbald breed.

In terms of the domestication of cats analysis has. Abys are known for their short ticked coats and active personalities. This is a hereditary eye disease that leads to blindness over time as the disease develops.

The name somali is in reference to the african nation somalia. In fact the somali cats are very close relatives of the abys and are a variant of abyssinian cats. Another issue that abyssinian cats and somali cats are prone to is anemia.

The only major difference between an abyssinian and a somali is that the latter have a longer coat than the abyssinians. Some of these cats were imported to the us and canada. Both somali and abyssinian has same litter size.

By tuji jidda washington d c for more than a century scholars have been wallowing in big confusion regarding the name abyssinia which later on became ethiopia. Mague charitably assumed that since the land borders were a human creation so are the genetic borders between the abyssinian cat and the long haired abyssinian. Both somali and abyssinian are having almost same weight.

Abyssinian somali though we do not get a lot of these cats they a special breed and are greatly loved by those who have them. The name of the breed is a unique interpretation of the ethiopian somali conflict. National breed regional winning and distinguished merit lines of the front range cattery in the rocky mountain region of the usa.

Personal delivery available to colorado kansas new mexico nebraska kansas utah wyoming southern. Both somali and abyssinian has almost same life span. The abyssinian æ b ɪ ˈ s ɪ n i ən is a breed of domestic short haired cat with a distinctive ticked tabby coat in which individual hairs are banded with different colors.

Somali is originated from united states but abyssinian is originated from ethiopia. One of the biggest most common issues both abyssinian cats and somali cats experience is progressive retinal atrophy. For example coming across with businesses or political organizations named after abyssinia.

The breed is named for abyssinia now called ethiopia where it is believed to have originated. Somali requires moderate maintenance. Somalis which are long haired abys are beautiful friendly cats with similar attributes.

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