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Baby Grey Abyssinian Guinea Pig

The cheapest offer starts at 15. They aren t the american guinea pigs you would imagine when you first think of these animals but rather something slightly more exotic.

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The average annual cost of keeping them is about 1 500 2 400.

Baby grey abyssinian guinea pig. The abyssinian guinea pig has quite the distinctive look. The abyssinian is a colorful and unique character in the pantheon of guinea pig species. At the moment they are unsexed due to being 2 days.

The abyssinian cavy has 10 rosettes hair radiating symmetrically from a center one on each shoulder four across the saddle one on each hip and two on the rump. Abyssinian guinea pigs are available from local breeders and their price typically ranges between 15 and 75 depending on their breeding and color. 6 baby guinea pigs for sale mum is an english crested and dad is an abyssinian guinea pig.

In addition to the normal abyssinian coat there are satin abyssinian guinea pigs whose coat has a sheen or gloss to it. At what age can abyssinian guinea pigs breed. They have a fur pattern consisting of 8 to 10 hair whorls called rosettes.

What sets it apart from the rest of its fellow rodents are the whirlpool shaped swirls of fur on its coat. The abyssinian also has a mustache of raised fur around its nose. The abyssinian aby or abby is one of the oldest breeds of guinea pigs.

A female sow can be sexually mature and be able to get pregnant at 4 weeks of age. The abyssinian guinea pig is truly a unique breed of guinea pig that has awed many people all around the world. Abyssinians are moderate shedders but they will shed more during springtime and early summer.

Explore 20 listings for abyssinian guinea pig for sale at best prices. A male abyssinian guinea pig boar can successfully mate at 3 weeks of age. Despite the wild patterning of their coat they tend to keep themselves clean and they require minimal care.

You could say that they always look like they re having a bad hair day but that is just part of their charm. An abyssinian can always be easily recognized in a crowd of guinea pigs by these beautiful cowlicks of hair which are known as rosettes.

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