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Balinese Vs Birman Cat

The birman also called the sacred cat of burma is a domestic cat breed the birman is a long haired colour pointed cat distinguished by a silky coat deep blue eyes and contrasting white gloves or socks on each paw. Out crossing to any preliminary or provisional status breeds is not allowed.

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Outcrosses are not now permitted between birmans 13c1 to 13c20 and any variety of short haired cat or their variants or non pedigree cats or most of the breeds within the persian breed section.

Balinese vs birman cat. The fur of the birman is medium long and soft and silky. The coat is soft and silky and has no undercoat. The breed name is derived from birmanie the french form of burma the birman breed was first recognized in france by the cat club de france in 1925 then in england by the.

You can see the length best by looking at the fur on the tail. Turkish van cats are also excluded by this breeding policy. She looks like a pointed cat with four white feet mitted and deep blue eyes.

Balinese is a bit like a siamase has long slim body wedge shaped head brman have semi long hair and have high legs. Cat trees and high perches are necessary equipment when you live with a balinese. The hair on the balinese is not really long but is medium in length.

The head is actually triangular but the birman has such a broad skull that the face can appear almost rounded. The birman has a roman nose and medium sized ears. Balinese are pointed cats like a siamese and javanese are each form of colours.

The balinese is an active vocal cat as befits a siamese descendent. The birman has very unusual markings.

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