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Bengal Cat Size Comparison To Domestic Cat

Compare the bengal egyptian mau and savannah cat breeds. Bengal cats are medium to large in size compared to other domestic cats weighing between 7 15 pounds 3 7kgs on average.

How Big Will A Full Grown Bengal Cat Be Bengal Cat Bengal Domestic Cat Breeds

This makes them bigger than many other cats but smaller than large breeds on average.

Bengal cat size comparison to domestic cat. The female bengal cat weighs about seven to ten pounds 3 5kg at maturity and the males grow slightly bigger reaching weights of ten to fifteen pounds 5 7kg. A bengal cats size when full grown can vary depending on which cats were originally part of their family line. Wild trax exotics cat breed comparison chart.

Typical bengal cats size. The bengal cats size is an average to large sized spotted cat breed normally weighing from 6 to 15 pounds. Bengal egyptian mau savannah breed comparison chart.

More intelligent than the average domestic cat breed sensitive to owners moods. While they may appear larger than they are because of their musculature they don t get much bigger than other domestic cats. Small bengal cats may grow up to be only 6 pounds.

Bengal cats a fairly new hybrid of the asian leopard cat and domestic cat breeds are average to large sized cats. Female bengal cats usually range from 7 to 10 pounds while males weigh in from 10 to 15 pounds. Some individual bengal cats grow to be smaller or larger than average.

A lot of variance in size in these generations can range from 8 to 16 lbs.

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