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Blue Lilac Persian Cat

Lilac colored cats are very appealing as they are very rate and the color is precious. A smoke and white persian can have patches of white and any of the following smoke colors.

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Like all dilute colors a paler version of the original cream instead of red or blue instead of black.

Blue lilac persian cat. These colors are standard but are not found common in stores and shelters. The color should be a rich warm lavender with a pinkish tone. Lilac persian kittens on this page you will see some pictures of some of our past lilac persian kittens.

Many people look for persian cats carrying the gene of chocolate or lilac color. In our nearly 30 years of breeding we have seen only a few. Black smoke blue smoke red smoke cream smoke chocolate smoke and lilac smoke.

Persian cats that are selfs possess a solid color which is identical throughout their coat in an even tone of black blue lilac chocolate white red and cream. Himalayan persian or colourpoint persian as it is commonly referred to in europe is a breed or sub breed of long haired cat similar in type to the persian with the exception of its blue eyes and its point colouration which were derived from crossing the persian with the siamese some registries may classify the himalayan as a long haired sub breed of siamese or a. 1977 chocolate and lilac persians.

The lilac tone is warmer whilst the blue is a deep shade of gray. Lilac persians are quite rare and hard to find. Their eyes are intensely blue and noses and paws a delicate lavender pink.

گربه ایرانی romanized. The chocolate spectrum in longhairs by patrick horan cat world international jan feb 1977 from amanda bright s collection persian breeders have long dreamed of creating a brown persian a cat with fine persian conformation in a rich chocolate brown color. It is also known as the persian longhair in the english speaking countries the first documented ancestors of the persian were imported into italy from iran historically known as persia in the west around 1620.

The smoke colored sections should conform to the color standards for that particular shade. The chocolate is rich brown while the red is ginger or copper. Persian cat is found in chocolate and lilac color.

But again they have chocolate and lilac not like purpose of selection but like a side effect of color points breeding of modern type. Gorbe ye irāni iranian cat is a long haired breed of cat characterized by its round face and short muzzle. One of the rarest colors of all the persian coats the lilac point has an icy white body and points of pale but warm gray.

Lilac point himalayan image credit by. This is smaragd in estonia which specializes in persian and exotic cats of lilac color and uses in the work cats from juki and finnish nurseries. Lilac cat of strong type reached high victories by fife system.

Cc0 public domain pikist. The persian cat persian. The lilac persian also comes from the himalayan color spectrum.

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