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Cat Breeds Russian

Discovered by elena kovaleva a cat breeder in the russian city of rostov on don in the 1980s the donskoy is also known as the don sphynx. The karelian bobtail is a naturally occurring breed that comes from lake ladoga in the russian republic of karelia.

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The russian blue the most popular russian cat breed.

Cat breeds russian. That s right contrary to popular belief some cats do enjoying swimming and this is one of them. Russian blues with their athletic and graceful appearance were favored by the tsars of russia during the 19th century. They were among the first breeds to be presented at the early cat shows in england.

Weight 2 5 6 5 kg. Cat breed russian blue. Looks medium sized cat.

Unlike most cats kurilian bobtails are known for not being repulsed by water basins. It s important to note that russian blue cats are separated from russian white russian black and russian tabby cats by many associations. They have a distinctive pom pom bobbed tail which can be 4 13 cm in length.

The russian blue is a cat breed that comes in colors varying from a light shimmering silver to a darker slate grey. Their rear legs are noticeably longer than their front legs. These friendly cats are adaptable and love companionship.

Legend holds that english sailors brought these beautiful grey cats tinged with blue from archangelsk a port city in the north of russia. The fleecy cloud breed is therefore considered unique by expert felinologist and president of the felis cat club nina vladimirovna ekimova who conducted a review of the cats. Together with nina ekimova margarita decided to develop the cats as a new breed called fleecy cloud.

Character affectionate gentle sensitive. Russian blue cats are recognized by cat breed associations all over the world. Blues came to the attention of cat fanciers outwith the country when a british breeder imported them in the late 19th century.

But don t make the mistake of thinking that this cat breed is related to the sphynx. What is the special trait of this breed. Their short dense coat which stands out from the body has been the hallmark of the russian breed for more than a century.

The havana brown was also developed with the help of russian blues and some oriental shorthairs carry russian blue dna as well. Special trait plush texture dense and short silky and soft. The russian cats were therefore a unique mutation.

On the contrary the cat breed is very different from the sphynx even though both of them are hairless. Another russian bobtailed breed is the kurilian which is a relatively new feline breed.

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