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Common House Cat Breeds

Otherwise known as that cat or your standard alley cat domestics are not an officially recognized or pedigreed breed. Domestic shorthair and domestic longhair cats.

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Popular since the 19th century this breed of cat originated in thailand formerly known as siam.

Common house cat breeds. Then again most modern cat breeds are descendents of one type of domestic or another and 95 of house cats in the us are domestics. 3 maine coon. Balinese bengal russian blue siberian and the sphynx.

Only about 10 of cats are of official breeds the so called pedigreed or purebred cats. 5 british shorthair. My very first cat was a grey tuxedo mixed breed cat called misu.

This american cat breed was intentionally bred to look like a small black panther but fortunately it proves to be a much more affectionate and sociable house companion. 1 exotic shorthair. The siamese has helped create many other breeds including the oriental shorthair sphynx and himalayan.

Most popular house cat breeds. The moggies as they are affectionately called are the ones you are most likely to meet. Here are some common cat breeds.

Fortunately there are hypoallergenic cat breeds which are less likely to cause an allergic response. Indoor cat breeds that are also hypoallergenic are likely to make better indoor pets as allergy sufferers will be spending more time in close proximity to them. Originally developed in kentucky in the 1970 s the bombay developed from breeding stock of black american shorthair cats and sable colored burmese cats to produce a cat that has the look of a parlor panther.

There are many examples of nomenclatural overlap and differences of this sort. The biggest feature available in these breeds of cats is that they don t have a coat of fur on their body. This breed is characterized by large lemon shaped eyes and very large ears.

Not surprisingly house cats are actually the most common cat breed of all. The balinese javanese and himalayan are all examples of this trend. Canadian sphynx russian sphynx don sphynx.

Their ancestry is mixed but this does not make them in any way inferior to purebreds. Furthermore many geographical and cultural names for cat breeds are fanciful selections made by western breeders to be exotic sounding and bear no relationship to the actual origin of the breeds.

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