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Japan Cat Breeds

An excess of which leads to a wrinkled appearance. Nowadays you will find this breed all around the world.

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While they have been developed from the asian leopard cat they were originally bred in california making them an american cat breed rather than asian.

Japan cat breeds. The main asian cat breeds are. The japanese bobtail cat is known as a domestic cat. It has soft elastic skin.

Japanese bobtail cat is a domestic cat breed that has more like a rabbit tail than other cats. But maru and shiro are just the most internationally famous members of a thriving scene in japan and a new crop of upstarts are building on their legacy. Bobtail cat has a special place in japanese culture for centuries.

Persian chinchilla 343 votes 3 4. Their origin of japan and southeast asia now can be found all over the world. The ukrainian levkoy is a cat breed of distinct appearance dog face appearance having inward folding ears and little to no hair.

They are scrappy they are dynamic and. Japan cat breeds 1 mycatbreeds japanese bobtail it is believed that these naurally occuring short tailed domestic cats in japan arrived from the asian continent about 1 000 years ago. Having similarty to the sphynx in some ways the cat is of medium size with a longish body appearing both muscular and slender.

Bengals are the result of breeding an asian leopard cat felis bengalensis with domestic cat like abyssinians egyptian maus or american shorthairs. The distinctive coating of four makes it different from other cats. Although bengal cats are technically considered modern day cats their origins are linked to asia.

Japanese bobtail cat native to japan and east asia. This cat looks more like a rabbit than a cat. Created by jean sudgen mills in the 1970s bengals were bred to have the personality of a house cat but the exotic look of a wild big cat.

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