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American Wirehair Bicolor American Wirehair Grey And White Cat Breeds

This kitten was then carefully bred from preserving the result of the original mutation. The possible colors of the american wirehair cat are the following.

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The black coat of an american wirehair must be a uniform color without gray hairs.

American wirehair bicolor american wirehair grey and white cat breeds. American wirehairs are also recognized by the american cat fanciers association the canadian cat association and the world cat federation. The american wirehair achieved full recognition from the cat fanciers association in 1978. A spontaneous mutation occurred in a litter of farm kittens resulting in one cat with the breed s signature kinky crimped coat.

The first recorded american wirehair was born in upstate new york in 1966. Also the nose and paw pads are black the color of the eyes is often. They have been described as quiet reserved and loving although to their owners these cats are personable and active.

The kittens resulting from these matings were taken by other breeders and a carefully planned breeding program was started dedicated to producing the american wirehair breed. The american wirehair is becoming increasingly popular in the united states. The wirehair is always looking for a way to amuse himself and his owner.

American rough haired white cats may have yellow or blue eyes but uneven colored eyes are also allowed. This kitten was sold to a breeder who decided to try to replicate this spontaneous coat mutation. In the international cat association the breed is considered a type of american shorthair.

The american wirehair is characteristically a people oriented cat with a strong affectionate personality and a keen interest in its surroundings.

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