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Abyssinian Guinea Pig Black And White And Brown

Eyes should be bold and have a dark ruby colour. The most common guinea pig breed the american guinea pig is a recognized breed by the american rabbit breeders association arba.

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White crested guinea pigs are self colored animals that are almost completely covered in a single hair tone like honey brown or black.

Abyssinian guinea pig black and white and brown. They usually have a rosette on each shoulder four around the body one on each hip and two on his behind 9. If your guinea pig is very dark brown almost black you might want to check this list too. Long haired white and brown guinea pig eating salad from ground black guinea pig sniffing dalmatian rabbit 2 months old and an abyssinian guinea pig cavia porcellus sitting in front of white background.

They have 8 10 rosettes on their body and head. Similar to the regular abyssinian guinea pigs some of them have a satin coat which has an added sheen or gloss look to it. The older one is multicoloured white black and caramel with about 8 rosettes and is in perfect his health.

E g white orange brown black agouti agouti coloring is marked by. Abyssinian guinea pigs are more vulnerable and can experience many illnesses in their lifetime if you don t pay. Here s a guide to help you learn more about the various types of abyssinian coats.

Agouti a sort of grey color. This breed is a popular choice and it s also called rosette guinea pig. The infinite swirls or cowlicks make their hair look spiky and voluminous.

Wild guinea pigs have grey or brown fur but in captivity many different colors and coat types are mixed and matched. A beige at the bottom then a broad darker grey brown band a white grey band and finally a dark grey tip. If you have a brown guinea pig whether he is light mid or a darker brown we guarantee our list will have a name you will love.

They are entered and shown in arba competitions in nineteen color classifications. We ve come up with over one hundred names that will suit a brown guinea pig. The crested pattern is rare simply because the white crested guinea pig breed itself is a rare one.

I don t know whats happening. The cavies feature a white tuft or crest of hair on the top of the head though. White crested guinea pig.

The guinea pig s hair should have a mixture of black and white. Now i have a black brown and white abby boy with rosettes everywhere its almost like. Abyssinian guinea pig breeding and mating.

Unlike the previous guinea pig the hair of abyssinian guinea pigs does not grow excessively but it does so in a peculiar way. We found inspiration for these names in food chocolate of course nature. Black cream red white any other self beige chocolate lilac red eyed orange brindle roan dilute solid golden solid silver solid dilute agouti golden agouti silver.

The cinnamon chinchilla guinea pig has a belly that should be as white as possible they should have a circle around the eye that is also white. Abyssinian guinea pigs are usually very. The colors can range from black and white to brown and red for their rosettes.

Abyssinian guinea pigs are distinguished by their rosettes hair radiating in a circle from a center point. Each hair should have four shades.

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