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Balinese Cat Long Hair

It resembles a siamese with a medium length silky coat and a plumed tail but is not nearly as fluffy as a himalayan and requires much less grooming. The balinese is also known as the purebred long haired siamese since it originated as a natural mutation of that breed and hence is essentially the same cat with a medium length silky coat and a distinctively plumed tail.

Long Haired Cat With Blue Eyes Pretty Cats Gorgeous Cats Balinese Cat

The balinese is a long haired breed of domestic cat with siamese style point coloration and sapphire blue eyes.

Balinese cat long hair. A balinese is a siamese with a long coat. The cat fanciers federation recognized the balinese in 1961 followed by the cat fanciers association in 1970. While some people may simply view the balinese as a long haired variety of the siamese cat this caused uproar amongst the purists and is one of the reasons they are no longer referred to as long haired siamese within breeding circles.

Cat trees and high perches are necessary equipment when you live with a balinese. They are a playful breed and particularly enjoy balls and things they can bat across the floor. The balinese is the long haired version of the famous siamese cat and other than coat length the two breeds are almost identical.

It s said that the balinese is the most intelligent of the long haired cats and they will keenly observe most everything you do. The balinese is an active vocal cat as befits a siamese descendent. There is much debate as to the origins of the balinese and some breeders speculate that the long coat is the result of a natural genetic mutation while others hypothesize that the siamese was crossed with a long haired breed.

They have a long silky coat but no undercoat. These graceful aristocratic cats are medium sized and muscular with a fine bone structure and a long slim body. Balinese can be outcrossed to javanese siamese colorpoint shorthairs and oriental longhairs.

The coat is soft and silky and has no undercoat. As is the case with their short haired counterparts a. The balinese is a breed of oriental cat with long hair and siamese style markings or points.

The balinese cat is a natural mutation of the siamese cat breed with blue eyes silky long hair companion dog like personalities and hypoallergenic qualities not common in its short haired siamese counterpart. Balinese are extremely intelligent cats although less talkative than their siamese ancestors. Because of the independent nature of their lineage however training is something that the balinese will take to with varying degrees of zeal and with mixed results.

You can see the length best by looking at the fur on the tail. The balinese cat breed is a beautiful rare and majestic cat breed. 1 history 2 characteristics 3 points 4 photos 5 see also.

The hair can be as long as 2 inches and comes in many colors. The hair on the balinese is not really long but is medium in length. They are also recognized by the american cat fanciers association and the international cat association as well as other cat registries.

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