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Blue Himalayan Cat Cat Breeds

The himalayan is usually a medium sized cat although she is massive and heavily boned. A himalayan or himmie is essentially a persian cat with colourpoint markings.

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In 1931 this idea was conducted with the first aim was to determine how the caller point gene was passed on.

Blue himalayan cat cat breeds. Himalayan siamese cat breeds. Chocolate seal lilac blue red cream tortie blue cream chocolate tortie lilac cream seal lynx blue lynx red lynx cream lynx tortie lynx blue cream lynx chocolate lynx lilac lynx chocolate tortie lynx and lilac cream lynx. Two early developers were doctor clyde keeler of harvard university and virginia cobb.

The cfa considers the himalayan to be a persian while other cat bodies recognise them as a separate distinct breed. It also has wonderful blue eyes a trait inherited from the siamese. After making a number of crosses they finally created a himalayan type cat called debutante.

The body is short but thick with thick legs and a short thick neck. The himalayan is bred in the following point colors. The himalayan is an extreme looking breed.

Himalayans were developed by crossing siamese with persian cats to create a persian type cat with colour point markings. The himalayan is a relatively new breed with early attempts at crossing persian cats and siamese cats beginning in the 1920s and 30s. The siamese is recognized by all cat associations.

The result is a beautiful feline with a long silky persian like coat and siamese like pointed coloring and bright blue eyes. Himalayan cats otherwise known as himmies are a hybrid breed of persian and siamese cats. Attempts began in the 1920s by crossing a siamese with a white persian.

With her masses of fur she can appear to be rather large. The body is various shades of white to fawn with color only on the facial mask and the feet ears and tail. Medium to large in size the stocky thick bodied himalayan cat has a wide deep chest a rounded abdomen and sturdy bones.

The himalayan is a large cobby cat with short legs. It was in 1957 that american cat registries recognized the breed and named it a himalayan. While there was an ongoing debate regarding the legitimacy of himalayan cats as a separate breed these cats gained popularity due to their strikingly.

This breed has an abundant furry coat that needs regular grooming.

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