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Mammals Feeding Milk

All mammals have fur or hair give birth to live young have lungs and need air to breathe are warm blooded have four limbs if they live on land and feed their babies milk from their breasts. Mammals with eyes shut will have to be fed up until midnight and then from 6am the following morning.

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Females of these species nourish their young with milk from their mammary glands.

Mammals feeding milk. If very young they should be fed 2 hourly if furry but still blind 2 3 hourly. He realized that a host of animals including humans all lactate. Unlike the other mammals monotreme mammals like platypus and echidna don t have teats nipples instead they concentrate milk on their belly and feed their young by sweating it out.

Linnaeus called these animals the mammalia. Mammals got their name and classification due to the presence of mammary glands. Make a record of the times of feeds and amounts taken remembering to record lectade given for first feed rather than the appropriate milk feed.

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