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Mammals Feeding Their Young

Have hair on their bodies. Like other mammals monotremes are endothermic with a high metabolic rate though not as high as other mammals.

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The milk also contains anti bodies which helps prevent diseases in the young.

Mammals feeding their young. And have three middle ear bones. Milk producing glands are only found in mammals. Produce milk through mammary glands to feed their young.

Mammals are warm blooded animals that feed their young on milk. Their milk provides nourishment to their young removing the need for infants to initially have to forage for food. The behaviour of feeding the young is build into the reproductive system it is a nonselective part of parental care and the defining features of a mammals whether marsupials platypuses spiny anteaters or placental mammals have in common.

All mammals have fur or hair give birth to live young have lungs and need air to breathe are warm blooded have four limbs if they live on land and feed their babies milk from their breasts. In common with reptiles and marsupials monotremes lack the connective structure corpus. Have a single bone in their lower jaw.

Even though mammals have a lot in common they do have some different experiences in pregnancy birthing and breastfeeding experiences.

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