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Ornamental Abyssinian Banana Palms

Adequate coloration depends on getting plenty of sunlight so expect it to redden up in the summer. This is an ornamental banana only it doesn t produce fruit.

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Ornamental abyssinian banana palms. Great for tropical garden. Ensete ventricosum this relative of the edible banana is a valuable landscaping plant. This banana like perennial has large paddle shaped leaves which range in color from deep claret brown to red purple to pale green produced from the center.

This clumping banana plant reaches 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide with 9 foot long leaves. The red abyssinian banana is a cultivar of the false banana or abyssinian banana ensete ventricosum. A rhizomatous fleshy deciduous perennial growing to around 1m tall in compact form with neat mid green heart shaped leaves well suited to the pacific subtropical garden style.

The drooping flower stalks are. Its form texture and large leaves create a lush tropical effect. The abyssinian banana is unbelievably fast growing and the undersides of the leaf midrib s of its huge leaves are a vivid crimson red.

It can grow up to 18 feet high with leaves 10 feet long. The red form is called ensete ventricosum maurelii and is prized for its red tinged leaves. Like bananas these like lots of water.

It grows extremely quickly reaching a height of 1 8 2m in the first year. Native to the highlands of eastern africa between 1500 and 3000 m it prefers mild climates without extremes of temperature. If grown in a pot or container the banana will attain a height of 2 metres.

They can be found growing in wet soil alongside ponds or streams. Banana palm produces the most amazingly beautiful paddle like leaves up to 3m long and over half a metre wide. The leaves are a lush green with a prominent bright red spine beautiful healthy plants.

Musa x paradisiaca is the most common ornamental banana tree available. Ornamental only non edible. Ensete leaves grown in a spiral from the short central stem and resemble banana leaves except they are reddish with a strong red midrib.

In ideal conditions it will reach 6 metres at maturity. Grow outdoors in rich soil in a sheltered area. The dramatic abyssinian banana.

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