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Oriental Cat Breeds Pictures

The combinations are endless. Oriental cats come in a rather dizzying array of 600 color pattern and coat lengths.

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See more ideas about tonkinese oriental cat breeds burmese cat.

Oriental cat breeds pictures. The short haired varieties need little more than light brushing or rubbing with a chamois. Nowadays blue champagne and platinum coats are accepted but sable is still the favorite. The burmese cat is a domestic breed from myanmar after being brought to the usa and great britain burmese cats became popular all over the world.

Feb 16 2014 tonkinese siamese and burmese cats. Cats with siamese points were used in siamese breeding programs but the non pointed cats became the basis for a new breed. They are a dedicated cat breed if you seek a devoted companion and an interactive and amusing pet.

These felines possess the looks of egyptian cats in sculptures. You are in the gallery of oriental cat. A longhaired variety was also developed.

However siamese cats and some mixed breed cats may resemble them. A beautiful long and slender cat the oriental is a talkative and intelligent kitty who is attached to her humans. Facebook google plus twitter pinterest linkedin email.

Our 2019 guide to oriental cats at a glance. Oriental cat breed profile and pictures. The oriental bicolor is a mixed breed cat a cross between the american shorthair and siamese cat breeds.

Fortunately there are enough traits and characteristics unique to the breed that you should be able to identify an oriental cat with little effort. Abyssinians are some of the oldest and most regal cat breeds of today. A standard was created and those first burmese cats were only brown.

You can find oriental bicolors in shelters and rescues so remember to always adopt. The burmese cat is of a medium size with a rounded head short neck and average sized. Social smart and curious these felines inherited some of the best traits from their parents.

When the cats began to be imported into the united states in the 1970s crosses with american shorthairs produced yet more colors and patterns. Share with your friends. A natural athlete they live up to 10 15 years.

By breedscat author on 09 25 2018 09 25 2018. Oriental cats have unique appearances and personalities. As with any cat breed the grooming requirements for an oriental depend entirely on coat length.

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