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Persian Cat Health Problems

Many of these health issues may be related to the long coat and flat face that is characteristic of the persian breed. Accordingly regular checkup of your cat by the veterinarian is the only solution to prevent diseases.

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This means that cysts develop in the kidney area growing and multiplying if left untreated.

Persian cat health problems. Another important factor for keeping a persian cat healthy is grooming their coat daily. Un monitored affected persian cats often suddenly collapse at 7 to 8 years old and die due to kidney problems. The respiratory problems of persian cats are due to their flat face and big eyes.

Persian cats health problems. Persian cats are very prone to polycystic kidney disease. Unfortunately these features make this breed prone to develop many health problems.

It is estimated that 38 of persian cats suffer from this hereditary disease. If your persian cat is a kitten start them out with wet food before making the switch to dry cat food. Having a tiny nose causes the nasal passage to be very short and more sensitive to moisture heat cold or a dry environment.

This anomaly is that the left chamber of the cardiac muscle develops more which can cause the sudden death of the cat. Obese persian cats are more likely to suffer from these mentioned ailments. He may get affected by casual illnesses like coat dermatitis eye irritation cystitis and so on.

Apart from this disease the persian cat is like other cats. Blindness manifested by 4 8 weeks and after a couple of months a cat becomes completely blind. The study revealed that haircoat disorders dental disease overgrown nails and eye discharge are the most common conditions diagnosed in the persian cat.

Cats are prone to gingivitis dental calculus and plaque. A contrasted curiosity is that a percentage lower than 10 of persian cats suffer hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. The persians have pretty good health but the cats might suffer from a few hereditary diseases for example.

This high probability is why persian cats should have annual ultrasounds after they are one year old. Some health problems these cats experience are internal which means they should be fed high quality food. Excessive eyes watering due to a flat face.

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