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All White Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes

Only blue eyed cats with a dominant white gene are likely to be partially or totally deaf. The blue eyed birman is without a doubt one of the most adorable cat breeds.

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Most kittens will be born with blue eyes which change color as they mature.

All white cat breeds with blue eyes. Full white kittens will either have blue or amber eyes or possibly one of each called odd eyes or heterochromia. For other blue eyed breeds hearing loss will only be partial or total in one ear. Cat breeds with blue eyes include the siamese balinese himalayan persian birman and javanese.

But not all of them. These fluffy felines have pointed coats and one very special feature white paws. Birmans blue eyed birmans are among the most adorable of all breeds of cats.

Boasting big blue eyes and a masked face this breed is most commonly beige white or tan in colour. The albino genes of color do not exist at all in that white cats with blue eyes there is pigment melanocyte which has low percentages. Similarly the shorthair kurilian can also have a black coat with white or gray spots among other combinations which may include white markings.

There are cats with only one blue eye. Ragdolls are known for sparkling blue eyes but not all ragdolls have this color. There is also.

Many people confuse white blue eyed cats with albinos however there is a significant difference. This is because they have very few melanocytes which prevent them from expressing their true eye and coat color. Named because of their adorable white paws the snowshoe is a cat breed with blue eyes that is guaranteed to make your heart melt.

They are incredibly sweet tempered sociable and enjoy being held which makes them an excellent choice for homes with children and or other pets. Solid white cats with blue eyes are often deaf but their eyesight is completely normal. Blue eyed cat types and or breeds balinese this one is a longhaired mutation of siamese cats and both breeds share identical features except for the silky flowing coat of the balinese.

Regarding the color of the mantle kurilian shorthair bobtail cats can carry a white coat accompanied by blue eyes or heterochromia. Increasingly there is information about the fact that white cats with blue eyes are deaf.

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