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Balinese Writing

It is generally not necessarily for travellers to learn balinese as nearly every balinese speaker speaks indonesian as well and many. The balinese script is used for writing the balinese language the native language of the people of bali.

Balinese Transcript Soon Forever On My Arm Hidup Kutipan Kutipan Penyemangat

It is a very tough language for non balinese to master and bears no resemblance to bahasa indonesia.

Balinese writing. With thanks to pak made suatjana who originated the font for balinese script pak dewa windhu sancaya donny harimurti and bemby and dendy. Balinese is the local language spoken in bali indonesia and rarely in parts of lombok and east java. The oldest known inscriptions in the balinese alphabet date from the 11th century ad but they are thought to be reproductions of texts originally written on palm leaves at an earlier date.

Therefore it has some notable similarities with modern scripts of south asia and southeast asia that also are descendent of the brahmic script. With some modifications the script is also used to write the sasak language used in the neighboring island of lombok. The balinese alphabet or aksara bali descended ultimately from the from brahmi script of ancient india by way of the pallava and old kawi scripts.

Other characters including sacred ones are generally used for writing sanskrit and kawi loanwords. It is a descendent of the ancient brahmic script from india. Among the 33 consonants letters above only 18 are commonly used for writing the balinese language.

The script is a descendant of the brahmi script and so has many similarities with the modern scripts of south and southeast asia. The balinese script natively known as aksara bali and hanacaraka is an abugida used in the island of bali indonesia commonly for writing the austronesian balinese language old javanese and the liturgical language sanskrit.

Balinese Script

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